Cathedral of the Sacred Heart exceeds DMF goal for five consecutive years

DMF Fathers DayFor the fifth year in a row, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Pueblo met and exceeded its DMF Goal. Working hard to come up with new ideas to get parishioners enthused about the campaign, the Cathedral DMF Committee introduced three programs to keep interest alive each year.

The main program to raise funds for the DMF Campaign is our “heart tree.”  Every person who makes a pledge to the DMF has his/her name put on a red heart, which is placed on the heart tree.  It is an exciting witness as parishioners watch the bare tree branches fill up with hearts each week during the DMF campaign.  People look forward to seeing their names added to the tree and this acts as an incentive to make a pledge.

The second program is conducted during the month of May and features a “Mother’s Day garden.”   Parishioners are asked to purchase a flower to honor their mothers.  These flowers are placed in the garden and displayed during the entire month of May.

The third program is in June and features a tie rack, where parishioners can purchase a tie to honor their fathers on Father’s Day.  Ties are placed on the tie rack and displayed during the month of June.

All three of these programs have been very successful and have helped the Cathedral exceed their goal.

For information about this year's DMF campaign in the Diocese of Pueblo click here.