New ambo dedicated in Rye

Monsignor Marvin Kapushion was honored for his many years of his stewardship to the St. Aloysius Parish in Rye. For over 10 years, Monsignor asked to have the ambo look more consistent with the base of the altar. His vision finally came to fruition on October 16 at the 8 a.m. Mass when the new ambo was presented to Msgr. Kapushion.

The process of this ambo was quite a labor of love, with many involved. Over 10 years ago, Msgr. Kapushion asked a parishioner who did woodworking to build an ambo that was made of natural wood like the altar base. It wasn’t until about three years ago that parishioners looked for local trees that might have some good qualities and work well for this ambo. It took a great amount of time, but they were able to find an old dead Juniper tree hanging over the road from a cliff.

Finally, last fall they managed to pull the huge tree apart with a bob cat and pickup truck so they had workable-sized pieces to use. Many hours later, they not only had an idea what they were going to do but actually started to make sawdust. They spent many hours chain sawing, sanding and even sand blasting the chosen part of the tree. All the wood used in this project is from local Juniper trees. Together they slowly chiseled away at the project. The base is one solid piece of the juniper tree.