Catechetical Enrichment Day held in Pueblo

 By Dcn. Stephen Escalera

The 2016 Pueblo Deanery Catechetical Enrichment Day took place November 19 at Holy Family parish in Pueblo. The topic for this free diocesan-sponsored event was Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia” or “The Joy of Love.”

This document is an exhortation on love in the family. It is Pope Francis’ long awaited reflection on the “Synods on the Family” that met in the fall of 2014 and 2015. Those synods were meetings of bishops from all over the world. As Francis’ “exhortation” on those synods, the document expresses his thoughts on the proceedings of those meetings. The bishops at the synods made many observations and recommendations, but it was for Pope Francis to summarize and deliver the decisive conclusion to those proceedings. Presenters Connie Godfrey, Sister Betty Werner, O.P., Laura Escalera, and Deacon Dan Leetch guided those attending through the Pope’s document.

After a brief introduction by Holy Family pastor Fr. Tomas Carvajal-Basto, Bishop Berg delivered the keynote address. He reminded participants of the pastoral nature of the document and how it is an expression of the deep concern Pope Francis has for families in the Church.

Connie Godfrey presented next and spoke of the Scriptural foundation for the Church’s theology of marriage and the family. She also talked about the profound spirituality the Church teaches about marriage.

Sr. Betty Werner was the next presenter and addressed the current realities of modern family. She also spoke of the pastoral perspective Pope Francis urges people to take when approaching such issues.

Laura Escalera followed and talked of the welcoming environment for children the Church must strive to create and of the responsibility to properly educate children and to provide the resources parents need to fulfill their part in their children’s educa > Deacon Dan Leetch, the final presenter, spoke of the need to accompany and guide those in difficult marital situations. After the diocesan-provided lunch, the day concluded with a group session on how the diocese and local parishes can work together to implement Pope Francis’ vision for merciful, loving and pastoral care families in the Church.