How to support our diocesan seminarians

Rev. Matthew Wertin, Director of Vocations

December has arrived, but the first semester for William Ospino and Gino DeVore, the seminarians for the Diocese of Pueblo, is coming to a close. As we thank God for the formation that they have already received, we also ask God and find ways ourselves to support these and future seminarians. Supporting a seminarian can often be a perplexing task for some. In hopes to assist more of us to take part in this work, I offer the following tips on supporting seminarians.

First, pray for them. This is always a priority. The website is a great way in which any person can sign up to pledge their support of prayer for all seminarians in the universal Church. Making a commitment to prayer is huge. Prayers before the Blessed Sacrament are profoundly impactful for supporting our seminarians and for praying for those other men in our diocese to have the courage to answer the call. Take time to pray for vocations in your church, an adoration chapel, or during times of adoration at your parish.

Second, getting a card in the mail is always a joy and an encouragement. Please, feel free to send our seminarians a card. If you feel so moved, place a monetary gift or a gift card in for them as well. Being away from “home,” the diocese, can often be lonely and difficult. Communicating to them that you are thinking of them might be exactly what they need to make it through another day, through another semester, and finally to their ordination. Their mailing addresses can be found below.

Finally, invite seminarians to your parish events. Some possible events to which you could invite them: Christmas gatherings while they are home on break, religious education classes to teach or tell their vocations stories, to your home for a meal and conversation. While they will inevitably have to decline some invitations, it is still good for them to connect with you anyway. At a recent conference for vocation directors, a presenter commented that if each parish in a diocese would send one man to seminary every 10 years, then that diocese would always have enough priests to minister the sacraments to the people of God. God bless your efforts to be part of making the sacraments available for all. Thanks for supporting our seminarians.

William Ospino
P.O. Box 429
Hales Corners, WI 53130

Gino DeVore
800 Fletcher Rd
Seward, NE 68434