Pueblo doctors return to ‘second home’ in Africa

By Samantha Stratton
Universal Chastity Education, USA Director

With two duffels of donated equipment in tow and the firm conviction that the tenants of the Catholic faith are intended to be applied in a very tangible way in a fallen world, Drs. Ken and Kim Dernovsek of Pueblo traveled the over 8,000 miles from home to their “second home” in East Africa during the month of March 2017.

The reason for their visit is profound. They are on a mission to preserve and improve the lives of millions surrounded by a culture of death that thrives on widespread HIV/AIDS. Since the inception of Universal Chastity Education (UCE) in 2004, they have co-operated with the Lord’s guidance and the desperate pleas of God-fearing Africans to teach minds, young and old alike, about the life-giving benefits of chastity, practicing abstinence before marriage and faithfulness thereafter, empowered by the strength of Christ.

This time, the call came from Uganda, to visit, update and support UCE teams working throughout the year in the Catholic Dioceses of Kasese and Masaka, the latter being where the first case of AIDS was recorded. Upon their arrival, the doctors were quickly reminded of the sheer number of souls - 2 million in Masaka Diocese alone - in need of so many things, from basic tangible necessities to the knowledge that sets man free. Educating students about how and why to avoid sex before marriage and to stay pure in their hearts enables the youth to find the power united with Christ to live healthy lives and become productive, successful members of society. Along with the many school outreaches in which they spoke, Drs. Kim and Ken met with two leading priests, three local bishops, and one retired cardinal who are all vocal supporters of the UCE message.

For example, retired Bishop Nkaijanabwo expressed fond memories of the changes his country has experienced during the course of his 82 years, from the visit of Pope Saint John Paul II to the Diocese of Kasese in rural northwest Uganda to the many blessings which UCE’s outreach teams have brought on the ground there. Back in Colorado, supported generously by the Catholic Foundation, UCE is also transforming lives with Biblical messages of seeking true love, hope in purity, including secondary virginity, during outreaches in Pueblo and Trinidad.

To join UCE in our goal of 400,000 chastity commitments in 2017, visit www.uceglobal.org, email us at contact@uceglobal.org or call (719) 248-8828 for more information. With each rural African outreach costing only $250 to conduct, we ask you or your parish to become part of this life-saving effort to apply the Christian faith, through chastity, in that best practice of abstinence until faithful marriage.