Catechesis Commission

In an advisory relationship to the Bishop of Pueblo and his Office for Lifelong Catechesis, the commission for Lifelong Catechesis focuses, guides and monitors the catechetical ministry of the Diocese of Pueblo.

Advisory relationship means that the commission strives to offer its considered recommendations in all matters brought before it even as it trusts the Bishop and the Office of Lifelong Catechesis to implement its recommendations in accord with their prudential pastoral judgment.

Focusing catechetical ministry for the Diocese of Pueblo means maintaining clarity about:

  1. Catechesis’ proper place in the Church’s ministry of evangelization;
  2. Catechesis’ proper place in the Church’s pastoral ministry,
  3. Catechesis’ educational, formational and transformational purposes and methods;
  4. The diocese’s “on the ground” needs;
  5. The just distribution of diocesan resources;
  6. The primary of place the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults hold as the model for all catechetical ministry;
  7. The priority of adult catechesis at all levels of the Church;
  8. The need to keep the vulnerable absolutely secure at all times in the catechetical setting;
  9. And the further priorities the commission identifies, sets and defines for the diocese’s catechetical ministry.

Guiding catechetical ministry for the Diocese of Pueblo means establishing policies that set standards of:

a. Effectiveness for all catechetical leader preparation programs,
b. Accreditation for parish catechetical leaders,
c. Accreditation for parish catechists,
d. Acceptability for catechetical resources in themselves and in the ministry setting,
e. Acceptability for the maintenance of appropriate boundaries in relationship,
f. Accountability for all catechetical ministry across the diocese,
g. And accountability for policy enforcement.

Monitoring catechetical ministry for the Diocese of Pueblo means:

  • Regular analysis of the diocese’s populations, cultures and changing catechetical needs;
  • Regular review of diocesan and parish catechetical staff, resource and program needs;
  • Remaining informed of national and universal church catechetical developments and the diocese’s ongoing relationship with them;
  • Maintaining accountability with the catechetical leaders of the diocese for their ministry;
  • And maintaining accountability with the Office of Lifelong Catechesis for its ministry.