August 2010 Meeting Minutes


 Meeting Minutes - August 19, 2010

Members Present: Joyce Archuletta, Marianne Dunne, Laura Fisher Escalera, Brother Harry Gonzales, Marilyn Marinelli, Alicia Massarotti, Mary Ralph, Bobbie Jo Stupnik

 Members Excused: Martha Becker and Shirley Rodriguez

 Opening Concerns and Remarks

  • Parishes need more guidance regarding religion texts.
  • There is a need to reestablish programs like Level II, New Wine and LIMEX
  1. These programs not only provided Theological formation, they also gave those who participated confidence.
  • Follow-up training is needed for the new Sacramental Guidelines: The Initiation of Persons Over the Age of Reason.
  1. Some pastors only received the Guidelines in the mail.
  2. Many are not familiar with the rites.
  3. How will the Guidelines be enforced?
  • It is important for Sister Betty to visit pastors and DRE’s / CRE’s, ask about their needs and determine ways to be of service regarding catechesis.
  • How can parishes with more resources share with those who have less?
  • The Diocesan website needs to be updated and user friendly.
  • Youth ministry leadership training is needed.
  • The Diocese needs a consistent catechist certification program that does not change as new Directors are hired for the Lifelong Catechesis Office.

 Questions and Comments Concerning “Shield the Vulnerable”

  • Bobbie Jo, Marilyn, Mary and Laura did not receive the e-mail from Theresa Farley. Sister Betty will send the e-mail to them.
  • The program is in English and Spanish.
  1. Students in grades 4-12 complete program online
  2. Preschool – 3rd grades continue with Good Touch / Bad Touch, which is covered in many school districts.
  • Everyone agreed that DRE’s / CRE’s should collect certificates of completion from their catechists and volunteers.
  • Concern was expressed about parents and students completing the online program.
  1. Parents and students should be given the information and highly encouraged to complete the program, but DRE’s / CRE’s do not have collect certificates.
  2. The “Shield the Vulnerable Program” will track all those who complete the program, and Theresa Farley will have that information.

 Catechist Certification

  • The Dayton program for Catechist certification was highly endorsed by the Commission.
  1. It would be the consistent catechist training program needed in the Diocese.
  2. Dayton is a recognized Catholic University and their programs are kept current.
  3. The program is online, which could serve our 50,000 sq. mile Diocese quite well.
  • The Commission agreed to submit the following proposal to the Bishop and Father Mike Papesh for their comments and approval:


The Catechetical Commission Proposes that:

  1. Dayton University’s Course of Study for the Certificate in Catechesis be the primary program for Catechist and CRE certification beginning in August, 2011. (
  • Certificates of Catechists already certified through Echoes of Faith in English and Spanish continue to be recognized. Dayton courses be encouraged as ongoing enrichment each year.
  • CRE’s be certified through the Dayton program even if they have completed the Echoes of Faith. Other programs be recognized with prior approval.
  • The Pastor, as chief catechist, be free to determine some particular enrichment program for his religious educators each year, and have this count for ongoing education.
  1. Commission members take the first course, “Survey of Catholic Doctrine,” in January, 2011 so they could:
  • Become familiar with the program content and format
  • Be able to help answer questions when catechists and CRE’s begin taking the courses, and
  • Be in a position to help promote the program
  1. August be the major kick off time for the Dayton program to begin. This date would give parishes time to budget for the program.
  2. Propose the option of thirds for those needing assistance – parish paying a third, the diocese paying a third, and the individual paying a third.
  3. Father Tomas and Sister Betty meet with pastors in each Deanery to explain the program and the opportunity for sound Theological formation this program can offer religious educators in the Diocese. (October through February).
  4. The Dayton program be considered for anyone involved in some form of catechesis:
  • Prison ministers
  • Charismatic leaders
  • Those giving presentations in the name of the Diocese
  • Even specific courses for Deacons and those preparing for the Diaconate

 Upcoming Events:

  • Ministry Congress
  1. Mary will help register those speaking English and find someone in Durango to help those speaking Spanish.
  2. Marianne will help register those speaking Spanish at the Pueblo site.
  3. Susie will help register those speaking English and Father Tomas will ask Carmen and Sylvia to help register those speaking Spanish.
  4. Marianne, Susie and Mary would like copies of the religious brief Sister Betty plans to send to the Pueblo Chieftain.
  • Flyers were handed out regarding the September 11th Just Faith Information session.
  • Information regarding the August 27, 2011 workshop “Being, Knowing, Doing” was passed out.

 Job Description for Youth/Young Adult Ministry Position

  • No one had written information regarding this description.
  • Sister Betty will contact Father Mike for this information.

 Helpful Hints Folder for New DRE’s / CRE’s

  • Laura gave Sister Betty the information she had.
  • This information could be placed on the new Diocesan website.

 Sacramental Guidelines

  • Adaptations needed: 
  1. Eliminate publishers and list USCCB web address for approved texts.
  2. Include quotes from the new National Directory for Catechesis – Refer to notes given by Bobbie Jo and Sister Betty.
  3. Have the format similar to the Sacramental Guidelines: The Initiation of Persons Over the Age of Reason.
  • Keep the quotes from Cannon Law, Catechism of the Catholic Church and the General Directory for Catechesis.
  • The Bishop’s input be sought regarding when Reconciliation happens and the age young people receive Confirmation. Sister Betty will also check with neighboring Dioceses.

 Other Items Surfaced During the Meeting:

  • Online religious education option for children
  1. Since the new National Directory for Catechesis supports parents as primary educators who “have the right and the duty to choose the kind of educational environment that they determine best suits their children’s educational needs,” this option is acceptable. (See pp. 259-260 NDC for further information)
  2. Sacramental preparation is done in collaboration with the parish.
  • Terms of office for membership
  1. Sister Betty will bring this to the next meeting.
  2. These can be found on the current catechesis website.
  • A request that the Diocese purchase DVD’s from Sacred Heart Kids Club
  1. No one was familiar with the program.
  • The Group felt the need to refer to the National Certification Standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers developed by NALM, NCCL and NFCYM to make sure the courses scheduled for the Dayton program meet the standards for Lay Ecclesial Ministers.
  1. Joyce, Susie, Marilyn, Bobby Jo and Alicia would like a copy of this book.
  2. Sister Betty will place an order.
  • The Quinceañera program and the age for Confirmation – This topic was tabled until a further conversation could be held with Father Tomas and the Bishop.

 The Meeting Closed at 3:00 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for October 21, 2010.