March 2011 Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes – March 3, 2011


Members Present: Joyce Archuletta, Marianne Dunne, Laura Fisher Escalera, Susie Johnson, Marilyn Marinelli, Alicia Massarotti (a.m.), Mary Therese Ralph, Shirley Rodriguez, Bobbie Jo Stupnik, Joe Chrisman – Director of the Worship Office, Sister Betty Werner – Director of Lifelong Catechesis


Members Excused: Martha Becker, Brother Harry Gonzales, Alicia Massarotti (p.m.)


Sacramental Guidelines – Joe Chrisman joined the group for the discussion regarding the following additions, clarifications and necessary changes:


Infant Baptism:


#5        The pastoral note will be reviewed with Msgr. Plewka in regard to one parent giving consent when grandparents are presenting a child for baptism.

#9        Any day includes Holy Thursday and Good Friday. A pastoral note could be added stating that according to the rite Baptism happens within the Liturgy. It was noted that all guidelines state the ideal.

#16      Much discussion centered around “a name foreign to a Christian mentality” and using the name on the birth certificate for the baptismal name. Expanding the pastoral note could clarify this further.

First Eucharist:

#6        Take out the middle phrase “taking part in the celebration of the Most August Sacrifice.”

#12      It should be noted that “mentally and physically handicapped persons are not to be denied the sacrament due to their disability, but their preparation is to be determined by maturity and understanding, not chronological age.”

#15      Clarification as to when First Eucharist is to be celebrated might be further indicated.

#17      This number can be deleted.

#20      This reads like it takes two years of catechesis prior to the reception of First Eucharist. It might be better to say “Children should be active in the parish catechetical program or a Catholic school program for two years prior to preparation for First Eucharist.”   Home schooled children should participate in the parish formation process as members of the body of Christ.

#22      Consult the 2002 Sacramental Guidelines pp. 20-21 for parish preparation needed. Include the following Points:

  • Parents need to be involved in the sacramental preparation process.
  • Use materials for preparation that are approved by the USCCB.

#26      Review the need for this bullet point and explain it further.

#28      The baptismal name should also be included.

#29      Change the word “should” to “must”

#30      The NDC, p. 135, quotes the General Catechetical Directory saying, “In the Latin Church, children must receive the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation for the first time prior to their first reception of the Eucharist.”

It is important to note that Pius X was adamant about First Communion not being delayed past the age of reason.

Scheduling Emmaus Encounter Retreats

  • The following dates were offered as possibilities: Aug. 13, Sept. 10, 17, 24, Oct. 15 & 22.
  • Commission Contacts will check with their parish to see which date would work best for their deanery.
  • The retreats were excellent, people in the parishes responded well, but the retreats were not always well attended by catechists.
  • Commission contacts expressed frustration with the registration process. A simpler process needs to be designed. Perhaps the online registration process could link directly to the commission contact person.

Shield the Vulnerable

  • It does not work well for a group. Shield the Vulnerable requires that their equipment be shipped to the parish for a fee of $200.00.
  • An article in Today’s Catholic reminding everyone to take the program online would be important.

Diocesan Youth Ministry Director

  • The commission continues to think there is a need for a person to fill this position.
  • A proposal was signed by the commission to present to the Bishop and Father Mike Papesh.

Commission Representation

  • Expand what was in the minutes to include anyone connected with lifelong catechesis as possible members to serve on the Lifelong Catechesis Commission. 

Experience with the Dayton Program

  • Pros: 
    • Loved the reflection 
    • The discussion board was insightful 
    • Sessions were reaffirming 
    • The book was excellent – a great resource 
    • Like a retreat
    • Easier that the LIMEX experience because of not having to set a meeting time
    • Enjoyed getting to know everyone better
    • Good pedagogy
    • Good applications to daily life
  • Cons:
    • Time consuming
    • Several got behind
    • One gave up when the computer broke down
    • Difficulty putting thoughts in writing
    • Incredibly demanding and rigorous
    • Catechists will not take the time to do the courses
    • Not for the average catechist
    • Not a process for everyone
    • Required checking out other sources
    • Writing expectation was too much
  • The program would be good for CRE’s
  • Important to continue using the Echoes of Faith program
  • The Spanish version of Echoes of Faith is not well done, poorly translated. There is a need for something different.
  • Catechists and CRE’s are often not well prepared for their position – they consist of the people Father can get to say “yes”.

Website Information / Policies / Resources for new DRE/CRE’s

  • Delete “new” from title. Information is good for everyone
  • Delete “?” after RCIA and Policy/info on Quinceanera
  • Add info on NCYC and NFCYM
  • The rest of the list presented by Laura was approved.

(Special Note: In checking with Theresa Farley regarding the consent form, she said to continue using what the lawyer has approved for the Diocese with the exception of the phrase containing the aspirin. Make that phrase identical to what Catholic Mutual has.)

(The length of time for keeping records was added. (Mary Ralph checked with HR. Permission slips are to be retained for 70 years.)

Agenda Items for the Next Meeting:

  • A simpler way of registering for Emmaus Encounter Retreats
  • Review needed changes in “Make Known the Glory”
  • First Eucharist Sacramental Guidelines

The Meeting Closed at 3:00 p.m. The next meeting will be May 4, 2011

  • Dinner together after the Spring Conference
  • Meeting from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.