May 2011 Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes – May 3, 2011


Members Present: Joyce Archuletta, Marianne Dunne, Laura Fisher Escalera, Susie Johnson, Marilyn Marinelli, Alicia Massarotti, Mary Therese Ralph, Shirley Rodriguez, Bobbie Jo Stupnik, Sister Betty Werner – Director of Lifelong Catechesis


Members Excused: Martha Becker, Brother Harry Gonzales


March 3rd Minutes Approved


Emmaus Retreat Flyer


  • Additions and corrections were made to the Emmaus Retreat flyer.
  • Two flyers will be designed, one for the paper and a basic one for each Deanery contact to complete and distribute to members in the Deanery.
  • Mary will e-mail an icon to Sister Betty for possible use.
  • Father Mike will be contacted for the Trinity icon.
  • Sister Betty will ask Judith to e-mail Deanery contacts the list of participates present at previous Emmaus Retreats.

Upcoming Deanery Changes


  • La Junta Deanery – includes Holy Trinity parish in Trinidad and its missions
  • Pueblo North Deanery – includes parishes north of the Arkansas River in Pueblo County and Fremont County
  • Pueblo South Deanery – includes parishes south of the Arkansas River in Pueblo County and Huerfano County along with St. Anthony parish, Aguilar in Las Animas County
  • Alamosa Deanery remains the same
  • Grand Junction Deanery remains the same
  • Durango Deanery remains the same

Possible Changes for Catechist Certification in “Make Know the Glory” – First Draft


  • Minimum requirements for all Catechists and CRE’s each year
    • Complete the “Shield the Vulnerable” component as directed by the Diocese
    • Complete one of the following options below:

Option 1

    • Attend two workshops per year related to one or more of the following topics:
      • Christology                 Sacraments                  Church History
      • Scripture                      Ecumenism                  Theological Reflection
      • Ecclesiology                Creed                          Morality
      • Liturgy                                    Mary and the Saints    Vocation of the Catechist
      • Spirituality                  Prayer                          Faith & Human Development
      • For other options – contact the Director of Lifelong Catechesis

 Option 2

    • Complete two Echoes of Faith Videos/DVD’s

Option 3

    • Complete one University of Dayton course
  • The Basic Certification Process:       (highly recommended for CRE’s and catechists)
    • Option 1 – Complete the following University of Dayton Catechetical Courses: 
      • Survey of Catholic Doctrine   or   Catholic Beliefs 
      • Sacraments 
      • One elective  
    • Option 2 – Complete the Echoes of Faith Video/DVD program 
      • Liturgy and Sacraments                      I Believe / We Believe (The Creed) 
      • Catholic Morality                                Prayer and Spirituality 
      • Introduction to the Scriptures             The Roles of the Catechist 
      • Getting Started as a Catechist                        The Person of the Catechist 
      • Introduction to the Learner                Methodology for Grades 1-2, 3-4,5-6, 7-8
  • Advanced Certification: (highly recommended for CRE’s)
    • Option 1 – BS or BA in Religious Education, Theology or Sacred Scripture
    • Option 2 – Level II, New Wine or Ministry of Christian Service
    • Option 3 – Completion of Dayton University’s Level I and Level II Program

Level I                                              Level 2

Survey of Catholic Doctrine               Old Testament

Introduction to Scripture                    New Testament

Images of Jesus                               Ecclesiology: Beginnings of the Church

Sacraments                                     Introduction to Practical Morality

Introduction to Catechesis                 Faith and Human Development

Introduction to Prayer                       Vocation, Spirituality and Discipleship of Catechesis

  1. ??Option 4 – Loyola Press program – Sister Betty will check this out


Requirements for Recognition as a Lay Ecclesial Minister (First Draft):

(in accord with “Coworkers in the Vineyard”)

  • Being hired/appointed by the Bishop or his delegate
  • Serving in leadership in a particular area of ministry
  • Having the formation appropriate to the level of responsibilities assigned.
  • Meeting one of the following requirements:
    • An MS or MA in Religious Education Pastoral Ministry, Theology, Sacred Scripture, or a field related to one’s assignment


  1. Completion of one of the following:

Ministry of Christian Service              Level II

New Wine                                           LIMEX Certificate Program

Youth Ministry Certificate Program   Level I & II of Dayton Program

Completion of Part I, II, and III of the Semillas del Reino program


10 years of successful ministry at the parish level with two recommendations:

-          One from a pastor with whom one is working

-          And one from a co-worker


Agenda Items for the Next Meeting

  • Basic job description for all DRE/CRE’s – Diocesan expectations
  • Continue review of the Catechist certification process
  • Continue review of Sacramental Guidelines


The Meeting Closed at 6:00 p.m. Followed by Dinner at Cactus Flower


The Next Meeting will be August 26th, 1:30 to 5:00 Followed by Dinner