November 2011 Meeting Minutes



Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2011


Members Present:  Joyce Archuletta, Marianne Dunne, Brother Harry Gonzales, Susie Johnson, Marilyn Marinelli, Alicia Massarotti, Mary Therese Ralph, Shirley Rodriguez, Bobbie Jo Stupnik, Sister Betty Werner – Director of Lifelong Catechesis


Members Excused:  Laura Fisher Escalera and Jerry LeBlanc


Opening Prayer & Sharing Memories of Martha Becker


August 26th Minutes Approved


Sacramental Guidelines – Baptism


  • Under #26 regarding sponsors – Should a note be added stating that sponsors from another parish or out of state need a letter from their pastor confirming that the person has participated in the necessary preparation? 
  • #27 second bullet – This could be a problem because of current practices. 
  • Is it possible to identify somewhere which Christian Churches conduct baptisms that are recognized by the Catholic Church?  
  • #37 – Could it be added that the Bishop will check and sign the sacramental registers during visitation? 
  • #37 first bullet, “i”, maybe underline “recorded in the baptismal register” to give emphasis to this. 
  • All the pastoral notes are well stated and very helpful. 


Sacramental Guidelines – First Eucharist


  • #11 – Concern was expressed that a strict DRE may start watching and taking names.  Perhaps a pastoral note would be helpful. 
  • It is important that families understand this.  How do we get this across? 
  • Under #14, #20 could be added as another bullet point and read as follows: The child has met the Diocesan requirement of two consecutive years in a parish formation program.  Then add a pastoral note indicating that students who are home schooled or enrolled in a Catholic school for two consecutive years need not be registered in the parish sacramental preparation program.  They should, however, participate in any retreats and the last four to six sessions with parish formation students prior to receiving first Eucharist. 
  • #22 – add vii stressing the importance of community 
  • #22 – the sixth bullet point – Add – Parents of kids enrolled in Catholic School should also participate in this component.  It would be good to put this first under parish preparation. 
  • #26, third bullet – mustum is so rare, does it even have to be mentioned?  Add those with fetal alcohol syndrome do not receive the wine.  

Questions and statements:

  • Should #31 be moved up under #20 since it is a preparation for Eucharist?
  • A Theology statement indicating that reconciliation should not be the day before First Communion would be helpful.
  • Is Confirmation and Marriage also included in the baptismal register?


Parental Consent Form for Minors Who Volunteer


  • The commission would like a separate form from the one adults sign. 
  • Bobbie Jo will send Sister Betty the form she has. 


Membership Renewal


  • The following members agreed to a second term ending in December 2014: Susie Johnson, Marilyn Marinelli, Mary Therese Ralph, and Shirley Rodriguez. 


Gratitude Expressed


  • The group celebrated Marianne’s years of service with a cake and card. 
  • Jerry LeBlanc will represent the Alamosa deanery beginning at the next meeting. 


Comments Related to the Reception of Confirmation


  • Advantages for receiving Confirmation in 7th and 8th grade: 
  1. Easier to mold students at this age 
  2. Less distractions 
  3. Service important at this age 
  4. More open and on fire in Middle School 
  5. Students more available 
  6. Challenge parishes to rethink adolescent catechesis 
  • Advantages for receiving Confirmation in High School: 
  1. More mature and capacity for complex issues 
  2. More capable of discussing moral issues 
  3. Make parishes rethink youth programs 
  4. Youth program not tied to preparing for Confirmation 
  5. Free  parishes to do youth ministry more effectively
  • Other comments:
  1. Numbers receiving Confirmation slowly died the last 20 years.
  2. Need to rethink the entire picture.
  3. It would be helpful for the Bishop to meet with the commission to discuss Confirmation. The final decision on age is his.


Standard Religion Concepts to be Taught at Each Grade Level


  1. Not so much needed when catechetical leaders have degrees.
  2. Themes of what needs to be covered would be helpful.
  3. The scope and sequence could be helpful, but decisions need to be made concerning what material to cover when time is limited.


Emmaus Retreats


  • Sessions were very well received throughout the Diocese.
  • Joe Chrisman did a great job.
  • It is important for the Diocese to continue something like this.
  • Complete the Creed with a session on Church.
  • If it is a half day, reflective questions to take home would be helpful.
  • Needs to be long enough so people will come.
  • Unfortunately many catechists do not attend.


Joe Paprocki Workshop


  • Workshop was well received and many participated.
  • It is important to continue workshops of this nature.
  • Kathy Hendricks was suggested as a speaker.


Beginnings Institute Scheduled at St. Columba in Durango August 10 – 12


  • Three day institute includes the first three rites and not the Rite of Election.
  • Those who should attend include: liturgists, musicians, catechists, pastors, school principals, teachers, catecumenate team, and sponsors.


Agenda Items for the Next Meeting


  • Sacramental Guidelines – First Eucharist and Reconciliation
  • Volunteer Forms for Minors
  • Update on the Bishop’s listening sessions
  • Lifelong Catechesis website


The Meeting Closed at 3:00 p.m.


The  Next Meeting Will Be March 15, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.