March 2012 Meeting Minutes




Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2012


Members Present: Joyce Archuletta, Brother Harry Gonzales, Susie Johnson, Marilyn Marinelli, Mary Therese Ralph, Shirley Rodriguez, Bobbie Jo Stupnik, Sister Betty Werner – Director of Lifelong Catechesis


Members Excused: Laura Fisher Escalera, Jerry LeBlanc, and Alicia Massarotti


Opening Prayer Led by Sister Betty Werner.


November 10th Minutes Approved


Father Michael Papesh Joined the Group to Discuss the Following Topics:

  • Assessments on Family Life, Youth, Stewardship and Hispanic Ministry
  • Bishop’s Pastoral Visits
  • Deacon Formation Assessment
  • Chancery structure
  • Implementing the siloed model or the semi-siloed/flat model for chancery staff
  1. In the siloed model, people are hired for specific tasks and work rather independently from other staff members. In the semi-siloed/flat model people work in their area of expertise but in a much more collaborative fashion with other staff members.
  2. The commission favored the semi-siloed/flat model, however commented it will depend on people at the table for this to work effectively.
  • It is a recipe for creativity, freshness and building consensus broadly.
  • It would create support, energy and drive.
  • It would help with continuity as people come and go.
  • It would develop the Chancery staff in common mission, enhancing communication, ownership, responsibility and accountability.
    • Many folks feel alienated from the Chancery.
    • The role of the Chancery is not understood well.
    • We are currently shuffled around when we call for help.
    • If folks see the Chancery is broadly in sync, they will come around.
    • As a staff the Chancery folks would work together better, understand their role differently, be more aware of the whole.
    • It would model consensus-building ministry for the parishes.
    • It would create buy-in for what we are doing.
    • The energy of the model would flow out to the parishes.
    • It feels like a fine expression of the Body of Christ and blessing of common gifts.
  1. Having a common vision would be helpful to everyone in the diocese.
  2. Each director would be better informed of activities and could answer questions without having to transfer calls.
  3. We would need to be careful about the essential/common elements and what is negotiable.
  4. We may not be able to use the word consensus.
  5. We need to be open to all, to keep a picture of the whole.
  6. It may require communications skills training.
  7. The Church’s social teaching needs to permeate everything.
  • Respect for all may be a common theme.
  • Respect for the common good as well.
  • Following Sister Betty’s resignation in June, 2012, the plan is to hire two people to cover ministry areas of Family Life, Youth Ministry, Hispanic Ministry and Lifelong Catechesis.


Approval Given to Parental Consent Form for Minors Pursuing Volunteer Service


Commission Membership Terms Reviewed and Approved

  • Terms for the following people end in December 2012: Joyce Archuleta, Brother Harry Gonzales, Alicia Massarotti, and Bobbie Jo Stupnik. 
  • Suggestions for possible new members representing young adult ministry included: Shirley Atencio, Lynn Cervi, and Gloria Marks. 


The Beginnings Institute Hosted by St. Columba in Durango

  • The brochure is being circulated.
  • Mary Ralph will have an article for the June issue of Today’s Catholic.


Deanery Level Meetings with DRE/CRE’s

  • In some Deaneries only the clergy are present for Deanery meetings.
  • It seems that DRE/CRE’s do not meet on a regular basis in most Deaneries.


Sacramental Guidelines for Eucharist

  • #12 pastoral note: Asking for a baptismal certificate issued in the last six months seems excessive.  For those born in Mexico, the testimony of a reasonable witness could suffice.
  • #21      It might be good to insert the word “should be” instead of “is not”.


Sacramental Guidelines for Confirmation

  • A lengthy discussion took place related to the age of confirmation.
  • Lowering the age requires rethinking about how youth ministry is done.
  • Parents need to be engaged.
  • A number of Dioceses are lowering the age for confirmation.
  • When the restored order was studied fifteen years ago, Bishop Tafoya made the decision not to go in this direction.
  • The commission expressed support for whatever Bishop Isern would decide.
  • #4        Post-Baptismal Catechumenate and Faith Formation cannot be determined until the confirmation age is determined.
  • #15      “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.” The word “gift” not “gifts” is correct because the Holy Spirit is the gift.
  • Something needs to be added in the guidelines about the confirmation name. Those being confirmed take on the name of a saint, someone to be a helper. The Baptismal name may be used.


The Catechesis Website and Social Media Policy Not Addressed Due to Lack of Time.


Father Michael Papesh Joined the Commission for the Conclusion of the Meeting

  • He thanked the group for their positive input. 
  • He reported that the Bishop approached a group of sisters in Florida about the two open positions at the Chancery. Commission members commented that it would be good to hire someone from the Diocese if this does not work out.
  • The word “Chancery” is being used because it refers to a specific place in the Diocese.


Date for the Next Meeting

  • The commission decided to meet for dinner on Tuesday, May 1st at the end of the afternoon session of the Spring Ministry Conference.
  • No agenda items were set since the May 1st dinner gathering will be the last time for Sister Betty to meet with the Commission.