Diocesan plans for implementation of the Roman Missal

JosephChrismanBy Joseph Chrisman, Director for Worship - November 2010

Last month, the “why” behind the revised Roman Missal was explored. This month will give an overview of some things the Diocese of Pueblo is planning to prepare for the implementation of the Roman Missal on November 27, 2011. 

In roughly one year, implementation will take place in English-speaking parishes around the United States. Before that date, dioceses throughout the country, including the Diocese of Pueblo, are doing their best to prepare everyone for different words in the liturgy.In this diocese, initial meetings are now being held with priests, deacons, and parish leadership through all six deaneries. This gives them a chance to gather information, ask questions and work through some of the “issues” that may arise within parishes.

In the future, workshops will be offered across the diocese for pastoral musicians, which will expose musicians to a variety of new and revised music for mass. These workshops will give musicians the opportunity to hear and practice the new settings. Also, catechesis can be expected in parishes led by individual pastors and/or catechetical teams. 

In February, the Southwest Liturgical Conference’s study week in Salt Lake City is centered on the revised Roman Missal (visit www.swlc.org). Additionally, the diocesan study days in early May will be devoted to this topic.  Father Dan Merz, a theology professor and vice rector at Conception Seminary College in Conception, Mo., will be the speaker for these days.

Please visit the Worship Office’s page on the diocesan website (www.dioceseofpueblo.org). There are links to many resources and materials for enrichment and study, which will help in understanding and welcoming the new text.