Universal Chastity Education (UCE) held a chastity talk for the youth of St. Benedict in Florence on January 17. Andrew Dernovsek shared the story of his conversion to the Catholic Church, and his personal chastity testimony. He also shared stories of various people around the globe who have chosen chastity.

He then talked to the youth about: what is purity, how and why to choose purity, God’s plan for our lives and the beauty of the gift of sexuality, starting over, forgiveness, and second chances, confession, true love vs. infatuation/lust, developing a prayer life, and about pornography and other common challenges to chastity. Youth were then given a chance to ask anonymous questions, and had an opportunity to make a commitment to chastity.

Since 2004, UCE has helped 317,705 young people commit to chastity. There is no charge for talks within the diocese, but donations for fuel expenses are appreciated. For more information or to schedule a chastity talk at your church please contact Andrew Dernovsek at (719) 248-8828, contact@uceglobal.org, or visit www.uceglobal.org.