Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® Body Safety Education Curriculum Information for Parents

What is Body Safety?

Just as we protect our children by teaching them safety rules about playing with fire, crossing the street or talking with strangers, we must also teach them safety education about the sad, but very real, problem of child sexual abuse.

National statistics reveal that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused prior to the age of 18.

Sexual abuse is confusing! It can happen with or without touch, and usually by someone the child knows.  Children may be unprepared if a more powerful person – even another child – tricks or forces them into inappropriate and often scary behavior.  Education is prevention!

What is Good-Touch/Bad-Touch®?

The curriculum provides children with a comfortable and non-threatening way to talk about the sensitive and complex problems of child abuse, sexual abuse and bullying.  Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® is age-appropriate and is presented over 3 sessions by specially trained and certified instructors.  It is supplemented with visual aids and videos. 

 Children in preK through 8th Grade are taught protective skills and information so they can participate in their own personal body safety.  They learn what abuse is and are empowered to act if they are threatened or victimized.  Children learn abuse is NEVER the child’s fault!

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® is not sex education.  It is violence prevention!

 How does it work?

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® is based on the belief that ALL children are special, important and have the right to be safe from anything or anyone who crosses personal boundaries and may cause them harm.  The curriculum teaches children to distinguish between touches that feel good, touches that hurt, and touches which are sexually abusive – forced or tricked touch of private body parts (defined in the curriculum as parts of our body that are covered by a swimming suit). 

Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® focuses on sexual abuse prevention.  However, beginning in the 2nd grade, the curriculum addresses bullying.  Beginning in 5th grade, the curriculum addresses sexual harassment, physical abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.  Internet safety and Stranger Danger rules are also included in this comprehensive curriculum for children.

Children learn the 5 Body Safety Rules!

  1. It’s MY Body!  I have the right to know ALL the safety rules.
  2. The Uh-OhIf I feel like something’s wrong, then I’m right.  Sometimes, I need to ASK QUESTIONS.
  3. I have the right to SAY NO! and GET AWAY!
  4. I can tell and tell, until someone BELIEVES ME.
  5. It is NEVER my fault.

If you have any questions about Good-Touch/Bad-Touch®, please call Colorado Trainer Ida Rhodes 719-586-8609 or email at