NCCL Membership

Consider Joining the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL)

From now through November 1, parish catechetical leaders can receive a FREE membership to the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership (NCCL).  Here are a few immediate benefits.

  • Catechetical Leader (bi-monthly professional magazine)
  • CL Weekly (weekly electronic newsletter)
  • CL Podcasts (monthly interviews on catechetical issues)
  • Resources (free materials, webinars and helpful websites)
  • Discounts on products and attendance at the annual conference & exposition

Anyone can become a member without dues until November 1, Feast of All Saints, when (s)he will be given the opportunity to continue her/his membership at the $60 annual fee – still the best bargain at a mere $5.00 a month.

I have been a member of NCCL on and off for a number of years, as their mission has been linked to my specific ministry responsibilities.  I have always had a very good experience, and their free online offerings are now greatly expanded and generally very worthwhile.

This offer provides a good opportunity to enjoy a no risk preview, so I encourage you to explore the resources that NCCL has to offer in support of your ministry.