The Heart of the Home

Introducing “The Heart of the Home – The Blog of the Diocese of Pueblo’s Lifelong Formation and Family Ministries” ( “The Heart of the Home” will be a frequently updated online journal of articles and resources for parishes and families to receive more in depth information and formational reflections on what is going in the Diocese of Pueblo.

The title “The Heart of the Home” or “El Corazon de la Casa” reflects the patronage of the Church of Southern Colorado to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The emphasis of this blog will be on the sacredness of the family, the primacy of parents as catechists, and to support the good work that catechists and pastoral ministers are doing in lifelong faith formation in parishes across the diocese.

The blog will also be utilized to expound upon themes and topics summarized in the weekly “Email Blast” from the diocesan Catholic Pastoral Center. If you have comments or suggestions for “The Heart of the Home,” please contact Dan Sarell,