Adopt a School:
In Papua New Guinea, St. Joseph's Margarima Parish is establishing the Holy Cross Homaria Primary School. They have the teachers, and they have the students, but they have no school building! If a parish, family, and/or school would like to help by "adopting" this project, to do something beautiful for God and perhaps begin an ongoing relationship with our brothers and sisters across the globe, see what is planned by using the following link. (Word)

Opportunity to Have a Sister Parish:

In Tierra Muscady, Haiti, a young priest has been given the responsibility of building a new parish from scratch! There is no church, no rectory, no school, no car, no wages for the teachers, and no food for the children. If you would like to help, there are many ways to do so. Perhaps a parish would even like to be a "sister parish" for an ongoing relationship of support and mutual enrichment. For more information, please contact Fr. Matthew Wertin at extension 1171 or


The Chancellor . . .
... serves as a notary whose signature bears witness to certain juridical acts of the curia.
... ensures that curia produced documents clearly express their juridical nature.
... confirms that attestations of juridical acts have been properly recorded in writing.
... prepares juridical documents so their wording is precise and clear.

Contact Information:

Director of Communications
Michelle Hill
(719) 544-9861 ext. 1193