Lifelong Catechesis Commission

An extension of the Bishop’s ministry as the chief catechist in the diocese, the Office of Lifelong Catechesis oversees, directs and moderates lifelong and authentic catechesis across the Diocese of Pueblo that is informative, formational and transforming.


Finance Advisory Council

The FAC meets the second Tuesday of the Month at 3 p.m.
It does not meet in July and August.

Finance Advisory Council Members

Mr. Gary Cornella, term expires 06/30/19

Mr. John Chrisman, term expires 06/30/18

Mrs. Rae Ann Blazer, term expires 06/30/16
Mr. Bonifacio Cosyleon, term expires 06/30/16
Mr. Rudy Krasovec, term expires 6/30/17
Dr. Zane Leininger, term expires 6/30/18
Ms. Mary Lee Lobato, term expires 6/30/18
Rev. Msgr. Ed Nunez, term expires 06/30/16
Rev. John Ozella, term expires 6/30/17
Mr. John Pearce, term expires 06/30/17
Mr. William Trevithick, term expires 06/30/16

Ex-Officio Members
Most Rev. Stephen J. Berg
Very Rev. James. E. King, VG