Additional catechetical development projects for 2014 and 2015

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 7/6/14
In addition to the upcoming Catechetical Enrichment Days, Pre-Cana Retreat and Emmaus Retreat on the Church, ongoing developments in diocesan catechetical and family ministries include the continued implementation of the ongoing faith formation and certification curriculum referred to as the Pueblo Theological Institute. 

This integrated program for growing and nurturing discipleship and ministry leadership has launched two tracks, 1) for adult faith formation and catechist certification and 2) for Scripture study.  These initial offerings can be explored on the Lifelong Catechesis section of the diocesan website.


Criteria for Scheduling a New FOCCUS Training Session

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 4/30/14
The following criteria should serve as a 'rule of thumb' for scheduling a new FOCCUS training. Reasonable flexibility and discretion will be exercised.
1. Schedule to accommodate working volunteers

a) Week-day evening (will require a subsequent "Part 2" follow-up, OR 

  1. Saturday (whole day, Parts 1 & 2); these work the best for training and preparation purposes.

2. Minimum registration of 5 couples or 10 people.


3. Sessions are scheduled per deanery or region, not per parish.



Pueblo Theological Institute Promotes Academic Degrees in Theology and Ministry

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 11/26/13

It is the commitment of the Diocese of Pueblo / Pueblo Theological Institute to promote discernment among those who are already serving and those who may be interested in serving as lay ecclesial ministers.  To that end, we are committed to consistently providing information for how they may pursue theological and ministerial training through advanced academic degree programs.  Earning a college or graduate degree in a theological or pastoral related field should be goal and aspiration of anyone who is serving or who aspires to serve professionally in catechetical or pastoral leadership in the Church. 


"Faith Finances" is a Sound Resource for Couples and Families

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 4/28/14
Many clergy and pastoral ministers have identified "financial issues" as a primary concern in working with couples and families today.
Faith Finances, by Thomas Zordani, is a sound resource for parishes interested in incorporating financial management skills that are informed by Catholic faith and scripture into your marriage ministry.  The paperback book, DVD and spiral-bound workbook is packaged at $25.00.  The program is packaged for "marriage preparation," but I am confident that others would find value in the principles.  This brochure shows how Faith Finances can be applied throughout the life-cycle of marriage, and new resources are being produced for specific life circumstances and stages.

Pastoral Ministry Network of Support

An expansion of the current “Youth Ministry Network of Support”
In the Diocese of Pueblo

 Quick summary:

  • After consultation with both …
    o  Youth Ministry Network of Support participants and
    o  The Diocesan Faith Formation Commission
  • There is broad consensus that the Youth Ministry Network of Support, which currently meets on Thursdays every two weeks, should be expanded to include parish catechetical leaders.