"Faith Finances" is a Sound Resource for Couples and Families

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 4/28/14
Many clergy and pastoral ministers have identified "financial issues" as a primary concern in working with couples and families today.
Faith Finances, by Thomas Zordani, is a sound resource for parishes interested in incorporating financial management skills that are informed by Catholic faith and scripture into your marriage ministry.  The paperback book, DVD and spiral-bound workbook is packaged at $25.00.  The program is packaged for "marriage preparation," but I am confident that others would find value in the principles.  This brochure shows how Faith Finances can be applied throughout the life-cycle of marriage, and new resources are being produced for specific life circumstances and stages.
Mr. Zordani, who is a practicing Catholic in the Denver-area, is very interested in speaking in parishes as well.  His resources are very practical and not overly theological, though it is chock-full of direct references to Holy Scripture and the Catechism. 
The program would have greater value and buy-in if a detailed overview is given, rather than just as a "take home" resource.  Covering this topic in more detail might also be a great way to stay in contact with couples after their weddings.  If you wish to preview Faith Finances before purchasing, contact Dan Sarell.