Criteria for Scheduling a New FOCCUS Training Session

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 4/30/14
The following criteria should serve as a 'rule of thumb' for scheduling a new FOCCUS training. Reasonable flexibility and discretion will be exercised.
1. Schedule to accommodate working volunteers

a) Week-day evening (will require a subsequent "Part 2" follow-up, OR 

  1. Saturday (whole day, Parts 1 & 2); these work the best for training and preparation purposes.

2. Minimum registration of 5 couples or 10 people.


3. Sessions are scheduled per deanery or region, not per parish.



Parishes are strongly encouraged to recruit married couples to serve as mentor-facilitators with engaged couples.  It is this population that we are aiming to train next.


It is also desirable that trained FOCCUS facilitators are available in each deanery to facilitate FOCCUS with engaged couples from parishes who do not have their own trained facilitators.


Most importantly, please inform Dan Sarell to indicate that your parish has recruited facilitators who need to be trained.