Additional catechetical development projects for 2014 and 2015

By Daniel Sarell
Posted 7/6/14
In addition to the upcoming Catechetical Enrichment Days, Pre-Cana Retreat and Emmaus Retreat on the Church, ongoing developments in diocesan catechetical and family ministries include the continued implementation of the ongoing faith formation and certification curriculum referred to as the Pueblo Theological Institute. 

This integrated program for growing and nurturing discipleship and ministry leadership has launched two tracks, 1) for adult faith formation and catechist certification and 2) for Scripture study.  These initial offerings can be explored on the Lifelong Catechesis section of the diocesan website.

New levels and standards for certification are being developed for lay ecclesial ministry leadership positions, based on national standards.  Liturgical ministry standards and liturgical catechesis will also be addressed as well.

The Office of Lifelong Catechesis and Family Ministries is currently surveying parishes on what they offer now both preparing youth to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation and for youth ministry in general.  These surveys will be compiled and reported to Bishop Berg for further consideration and next steps towards renewing and enriching the pastoral outreach to youth across the diocese.

Beginning in the fall of 2013, the class of deacon aspirants engaged in a series of “human formation topics,” anchored by sound, research-based tools that assist people in discerning the gifts with which each person has been uniquely blessed to share and contribute to the mission of evangelization in the Church. 

By exploring themes of personality, temperament, talent, strength and charism, a widespread discernment of gifts has great promise for assisting parish groups and whole parishes to promote and nurture a culture of discernment, which can transform how a community collaborates and develops individual disciples in a spirit of authentic Christ-centered communion.  Various leadership groups are currently engaged in this process of gifts discernment, and they will be encouraging further exploration in parishes in the coming months.  Facilitation is also available from the Office of Lifelong Catechesis and Family Ministries.  Watch for updates in individual parishes and on the diocesan website for available times and locations.

For information on these and all faith formation opportunities offered through the Office of Lifelong Catechesis and Family Ministries, contact Bishop’s Pastoral Associate, Dan Sarell, at (719) 544-9861, or by email.