Christmas Letter from Most Rev. Stephen J. Berg

Greetings in the Lord to all the people of the Diocese of Pueblo!

As we enter the beautiful season of winter and prepare to celebrate our first Holy Christmas season together, I am reminded of my college student years of coming home to Montana at Christmastime. I studied variously in Spokane, Boulder, and Portales, New Mexico. In those days, whether arranging a flight by standby or passage by bus, train or eighteen wheeler, coming home was always an adventure.


Opportunities for Adult Faith Formation highlight pastoral needs

The diocesan Office of Lifelong Catechesis and Family Ministries is offering several opportunities for adult faith formation.  Over the past few years, parishioners and clergy have identified their greatest priorities, including ministry with youth and young adults, marriage preparation and the need for learning opportunities that nurture spiritual growth.  These priorities are reflected in this year’s Catechetical Enrichment Days, Pre-Cana Retreats and the upcoming installment in the Emmaus Retreat series on The Church.  Additional programs are available as well.