Diocesan Staff Structure

The Bishop’s Office
The Bishop of Pueblo’s Office comprises those presbyters deputized to perform specific duties in the Bishop of Pueblo’s name.  These priests, which include the Vicar General; the vicars for administration, judicial and for clergy; and the Chancellor, are also considered to be members of the Bishop’s Cabinet.The vicars forane (deans) are deputized to promote and coordinate certain aspects of pastoral ministry on the Bishop’s behalf in each of the six deaneries.

The Pastoral Staff
The Pastoral Staff comprises those ordained, religious and lay ministers appointed to extend the Bishop’s ministry in particular areas of pastoral concern: catechesis, communications, finance, Hispanic ministry, Human Reources, Institutional Ministries (prisons, campuses and hospitals), Schools, Stewardship, Vocations, Deacon Formation, Worship and the Tribunal.  These diocesan leaders are also members of the Bishop’s Cabinet. The Charismatic Renewal and Respect Life ministries of the Diocese are adjunct to the Pastoral Staff.

The Administrative Staff
The Administrative Staff comprises those men and women who support the pastoral ministry of the Bishop’s Cabinet members through their administrative, secretarial, communications and maintenance assistant.