DRE/CRE Duties

  • Verify that the following information is kept (in a locked file if possible) for each catechist either in the parish office or in the religious education office:
    • Background check
    • Code of Conduct that is signed every three years
    • Volunteer Application form and reference check (under Background check)
    • Certificate of completion for the online session of “Shield the Vulnerable”
    • Documentation of courses completed for Catechist Certification and Ongoing Education
  • The Office of Lifelong Catechesis should be notified when a catechist or CRE has completed Basic and/or Advanced Certification.  Appropriate documentation indicating the work completed at each level should accompany this notification.  Upon review and approval by the Director of Lifelong Catechesis, a certificate of completion will then be prepared by the Director and sent to the individual completing the certification process.  The DRE / CRE will receive and copy, and the pastor will also be notified and receive a copy of the certificate.