Resource Library DVD List

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A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death                                                                  

A Force More Powerful                                                                                                       

A Lenten Journey with Fr. Michael Himes                                                                    

An Advent and Christmas Journey with Fr. Michael Himes                                   

Awakening Universe                                                                                                             

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ                                                                           

Belonging - The Search for Acceptance                                                                         

Bishop Isern Ordination                                                                                                       

Blood Money - the Business of Abortion                                                                      

Book of Genesis Part 1 and 2                                                                                             

Called to Encuentro and Mission                                                                                      


Catholicism: A Ten Part Documentary Series                                                              

Catholicism: Faith Formation Program//Preview DVD                                            

Come to the Water…the Adult Journey to Baptism                                                 

Come Walk in My Shoes                                                                                                      

Concilio Vaticano II                                                                                                                 

Created and Redeemed                                                                                                      

Creed - What Christians Profess and Why It Ought to Matter                             

Death Penalty - a Catholic Viewpoint with Sr. Helen Prejean                              

Echoes of Faith: Adult Faith Formation                                                                          

Echoes of Faith: Catholic Morality                                                                                    

Echoes of Faith: Getting Started                                                                                     

Echoes of Faith: I Believe We Believe                                                                             

Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacrament                                                                          

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 1 & 2                                                                         

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 3 & 4                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 5 & 6                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 7 & 8                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Person of the Catechist                                                                       

Echoes of Faith: Prayer and Spirituality                                                                         

Echoes of Faith: Roles of the Catechist                                                                           

Echoes of Faith: The Learner                                                                                             

Echoes of Faith: The Scriptures                                                                                         


Faces of Poverty                                                                                                                     

Faithful Citizenship - A Matter of Conscience                                                             

Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land                                                                                    

Fishers of Men                                                                                                                        

For Greater Glory - The True Story of Cristiada                                                          

Franz Jagerstatter - A Man of Conscience                                                                    

Gospel According to Luke - Little Rock Scripture Study                                           

Gospel According to Mark                                                                                                 

Gospel of John                                                                                                                        

Greatest Miracle                                                                                                                     

Guide to Changes in the Mass                                                                                          

Handing on the Faith - Godparents of Children                                                         


Hijacking Catastrophe - 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire           

Holding Ground - The Rebirth of Dudley Street                                                         

In Her Footsteps                                                                                                                     

Israel's Story - Part 1                                                                                                              

James, Peter and Jude - The Catholic Letters                                                             

Just Faith - a Call to Compassion and Community                                                     

Just Faith: a Journey into Compassion                                                                           

Keeping the Earth                                                                                                                  

Keeping the Fire Alive//Catching Fire, Becoming Flame                                         

Letters from Prison - Little Rock Scripture Study                                                       

Line in the Sand: Stories from the US/Mexico Border                                             

Made for Eachother - Marriage, Sexual Difference and Complementarity    

Made for Life - Marriage and the Gift of Children                                                    

Man Who Planted Trees                                                                                                      

Marriage for a Lifetime                                                                                                        

Mystery of Faith - An Introduction to Catholicism                                                    

Nine Days that Changed the World                                                                                 

Order of Malta - Living Your Faith (Episodes 5 of 8)                                                   

Our Father's Plan                                                                                                                    

Planifique Su Familia Naturalmente                                                                                

Portrait of a Radical: the Jesus Movement                                                                  

Posada - A Night to Cross All Borders                                                                             


Rosary Project - Celebration of Prayer and Song                                                      

Sacrament of Eucharist Past and Present                                                                     

Sacrament of Reconciliation Past and Present                                                           

Save Us from this Genocide with Bishop Gassis                                                        

Secularity and the Gospel - Being Missionaries to Our Own Children               

Shadow of His Wings (Fr. Gereon Goldman)                                                               

Spiritual Journey with Fr. Thomas Keating Pt. 4 DVD 23                                           

Spirituality for the 21st Century                                                                                        

Spirituality of the Gospels                                                                                                   

Stories of Christmas                                                                                                              

Terra Sancta                                                                                                                              


Vision of the Gospels                                                                                                            

What Makes Us Catholic: Getting Together for Good                                             

What Makes Us Catholic: Growing Spiritually for Life                                              

What Makes Us Catholic: Interpreting Christian Faith                                             

What Makes Us Catholic: Living as Graceful People                                                 

What Makes Us Catholic: Loving Beyond Borders                                                     

What Makes Us Catholic: Mining the Treasure of Scripture and Tradition      

What Makes Us Catholic: Risking the Leap of Faith                                                  

What Makes Us Catholic: Taking a Sacramental View                                              

What Makes Us Catholic: Working for Justice for All