Robert Sanchez 

RobertSanchezAge: 41 Wife: Jill Sanchez
How long have you been married? 20 years
Children and grandchildren (if applicable): God has blessed Jill and I with two daughters; Jaycee, 18; and Jocelyn, 14.
Home Parish: Holy Family, Pueblo.
Favorite Saint: St. Stephen and St. Joachim.
Favorite Type of Prayer: Lectio Divina. I really enjoy praying with Scripture and the four steps of Lectio (read, mediate, pray, contemplate) really help me to connect with the Living Word of God.
Favorite Scripture Passage: Romans 12:9-21

Briefly, describe your journey to this point:

I was born and raised on the east side of Pueblo into a family who held faith, family and hard work as our highest priority. Since I was a baby, I have been blessed to have people of strong faith throughout my life who have inspired and encouraged me. I met Jill when I was 20 years old (a blind date!) and we were married 10 months later in August of 1997. In April of 1999, God gave us Jaycee; then in August of 2002, he gave us Jocelyn. My wife and children are the greatest blessings that I have been given. As a child, my parents and grandparents made sure we were aware of God’s presence in our lives. As an adult, Jill and I have done the same with our daughters. My journey towards the diaconate has been greatly influenced by that awareness.

How did you know God was calling you to the diaconate?

I began to feel the call through the blessing of lay ministry. I started out as a youth minister and catechist working for and with my wife. Then I became an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, lector, sacristan and R.C.I.A team member. Although these ministries were very rewarding and fulfilling, I felt as though I wasn’t doing enough; as though I was meant to do something else. As I was struggling to understand what that might be, my pastor at the time, Fr. Bob Hagan, told Jill that there was a special plan for me. He introduced me to the possibility of the diaconate. After some prayerful discernment and discussions with my family, I spoke to our deacon, Jake Arellano. What he described the diaconate to be, along with some books he gave me to read, painted a picture in my mind of what I felt I was missing. Diaconal ministry is to live as Christ the servant and that servanthood is what I have come to understand that God is calling me toward.

What are you most looking forward to? 
What I am looking forward to the most is serving in any and every way that I can. I have been blessed beyond description and I look forward to sharing those blessings with others as a deacon.

How has your wife helped you in the formation process? 
Jill has done so much more than help me. She has loved, encouraged, supported, inspired and prayed for me. She knew long before I did that God was calling me, she saw something in me that I hadn’t seen in myself and she encouraged me to discern the diaconate. I can’t thank her enough for the sacrifices she and our girls made during formation. Through it all, she somehow found a way to make everything work. She is amazing! I am not intelligent or articulate enough to adequately convey all that my family has done for me during the formation process. I love them dearly.