Diocese continues partnership with University of Dayton

By Sister Betty Werner, OP

The Diocese of Pueblo began partnership with Dayton University in 2011. During this four year period over 110 people successfully completed a total of 443 courses and received a certificate for each class taken. Some of these participants were men preparing for the diaconate. Others were deacons, and many were lay people who were interested in a specific topic offered by the university.

Most people took courses of interest to them or courses that would help them in their ministry. A few people joined Dayton’s certificate program and are working toward certification in a specific area of ministry. During 2014 Elizabeth Forest and Scott Yarberry completed their certificate programs and deserve congratulations for their accomplishments.

Elizabeth Forest completed Level 1 certification in catechesis in 2013 and Level 2 in 2014. In order to receive this certification, she completed a total of 14 courses and is now recognized by the university as a fully certified catechist. She said she was able to complete these required courses because of the ability to access the courses and do her work at any time of the day or night. Elizabeth cited “Images of Jesus” as one of her favorite classes and “Introduction to Catechesis” as the most helpful in her ministry. She is the director of religious education at St. Michael Parish in Delta.

Scott Yarberry received his certificate in youth ministry in 2014 after completing the required eight courses for this program. He cited “Introduction to Scripture” as his favorite course and “Human Development” and “Planning Youth Ministry Events” as the most helpful. Scott volunteers at Our Lady of the Meadows and Holy Family parishes in Pueblo. He is grateful to Father Tomas Carvajal-Basto, CR, Msgr. Jim King, Linda Davis, Lynn Cervi, and the Knights of Columbus for their financial and moral support. Money received from the Catholic Home Missions grant and the Diocesan Ministry Fund enables the diocese to partner with the University of Dayton. Many people have expressed appreciation for the financial support and another option for faith formation in our far spread-out diocese.

The first cycle of courses for 2015 began January 18 and the next cycle begins March 8. All courses offered during this cycle are three week seminars. The diocese will be sponsoring the course, “Our Hearts Were Burning.” This course provides encouragement to leaders and practical strategies for incorporating adult faith formation within the fabric of parish life. Anyone interested in this course should email Sister Betty at bwerner@dioceseofpueblo.org by February 23.

An outline of all the classes sponsored by the diocese for 2015 can be found on the Diocesan website at dioceseofpueblo.org under “online education.” A summary of these classes as well as all of the classes the university offers can be found on Dayton’s website at vlc.udayton.edu. Any questions can be referred to Sister Betty Werner at bwerner@dioceseofpueblo.org.