Holy Family Catholic School helps show students ‘the beautiful’

By Jake Aubert, principal

Holy Family Catholic School focuses upon developing an environment where students learn to encounter Christ as part of their daily lives while pursuing literature, history, science, math, and, above all, truth, beauty and goodness.

The late Fr. Vicente Paz en la Casa once gave a homily to the Holy Family staff. His message was about the importance of teaching the beautiful. He recalled his days in grammar school on a cold winter day in England. As he and his classmates sat in class with a teacher whom he perceived as the strictest disciplinarian, they silently and diligently worked on their assignments. It began to snow. The teacher moved to the window and stopped. The class looked up and paused as the teacher motioned for them to join him at the window. Coming out of the snow-covered trees and down the lane was a sled being pulled by a team of horses. Fr. Vicente’s instructor simply said, “Take it in boys, you may never see a more beautiful sight.”

Fr. Vicente’s message stuck and continues to impact life at HFCS. Never forget to teach what is beautiful. Holy Family’s foundation is based on the belief that all truth and beauty ultimately converge in their source—God—and God is the center of everything.

Holy Family’s educational community strives to form students into complete citizens and to prepare them for life. However, college and career cannot be the sole or primary objectives. Education focused solely on secular achievement is shallow and hollow. It can lead to either pride or despair. Holy Family Catholic School equips students with the tools they need to combat the complexity of secular culture and to view the world through the lens of Jesus, full of empathy, courage, and a positive attitude. Holy Family staff works with students to help them understand that the pathway to happiness cannot come by secular desires or by marginalizing others.

HFCS has embraced Pope Francis as a role model, an example of humility, compassion and kindness. He is a living example of the idea that we are called to live like Jesus.

Bishop Berg was able to spend some time with the students this fall and left them with three ideas to help them on their journey:

1. You are important. God has a plan for each of you; you are unique and special. Your life has value and God loves you even in your darkest moments. None of you were created by accident.

2. When you fail or make mistakes, get up and get over it. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Do not dwell on mistakes, but keep moving forward with courage and empathy. Do not allow your mistakes or shortcomings to paralyze you or your future efforts.

3. Try – Each day is a gift from God and worthy of your best effort.