A New Year A New Legislative Session

By Jennifer Kraska,Executive Director

The 2015 Colorado Legislative Session began on January 7. The Colorado Catholic Conference (CCC) is the public policy and lobbying arm of all three Catholic dioceses in Colorado.

This year the Conference will be working on many important issues. In order to stay up-to-date about the activities of the CCC please visit our website – www.cocatholicconference.org – and sign-up to receive our action alerts.

One very important issue our state will be debating during the legislative session is physician assisted suicide. There will be a bill introduced in the House that seeks to legalize physician assisted suicide in Colorado. Pope Francis has spoken out repeatedly against the evil of deliberately ending the lives of the sick, the disabled and the elderly.

To consider these individuals as a drain on the resources of our society is a symptom of a “throw-away culture.” When we no longer have use for something, we discard it. And, now even people! Pope Francis criticizes this attitude toward the suffering, the helpless and the weak as a “false sense of compassion.” He does not hesitate to call euthanasia and physician assisted suicide “a sin against God” (Cf. Pope Francis, Speech to the Association of Italian Catholic Doctors. Nov. 15, 2014). It is very important that we all take action to make our voices heard on this important issue.


Contact your representative & senator and ask him/her to OPPOSE physician assisted suicide legislation in Colorado. If you need help finding out who your elected officials are please visit the Colorado Catholic Conference’s website and click on the “FIND YOUR LEGISLATOR” button or call the CCC office at: 303-894-8808.

Consider writing a letter to the editor for your local city newspaper. Please be aware that there are word limits for these types of letters so it is best to contact the newspaper or look at their website to determine what the parameters of a letter to the editor would be for a specific publication.