Deacon Escalera takes position in chancery

By Dcn. Stephen Escalera, Director of Lifelong Catechesis
I am both pleased and excited to be writing to you as your new Director of Lifelong Catechesis. It is an honor to be invited by Bishop Berg to be a part of his pastoral team and entrusted with the duty of supporting his role of nourishing and strengthening the spiritual life of the people of the Diocese of Pueblo.

This is a wonderful time of challenge and opportunity as we proceed together, under the guidance of our bishop, in fulfilling our united mission of bringing the Gospel message of Our Lord Jesus Christ to our community. We have a large and diverse diocese that stretches the Southern half of Colorado – from Kansas to Utah to New Mexico. The needs of the diocese are also diverse, but there is a wealth of ideas and talents, as well. I have witnessed the strength and wisdom of the people. In my years serving and ministering as a deacon I have seen the life and vibrancy of the people and the great faith that sustains them. This fills me with hope and encouragement and I pray that as a member of the Bishop’s pastoral team I can honor, support, and nurture this vibrancy and faith.

As the Director of Lifelong Catechesis, I hope to be a support at the diocese for catechists, catechetical leaders and other ministers in the parishes. I look forward to connecting those who want to grow in their ministry with resources and educational opportunities. The Diocese of Pueblo needs theologically well formed, educated, and competent ministers in its parishes to help spread the word of God. It is my ministry to help make that happen.

It is my profound hope that I will be able to meet and talk with as many of you as possible to hear your hopes, concerns, and ideas about how we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, can help and support each other in our Christian journey together. I need to hear from you what support you need from the Bishop and his pastoral team. I need to hear from you what has worked in the past and what you need us to keep doing. I also need to hear what has not worked and why it did not. What needs have only been partially addressed and what needs have never been addressed?

Over its history, this diocese has offered many programs to help form its lay leaders and ordained ministers. Programs like Level II, New Wine, LIMEX, deacon formation, and others have helped people grow in their faith and strengthened their ability to minister. More recently, we have had Emmaus Encounter Retreat Days, Catechetical Enrichment days, University of Dayton online courses, and Spring Study Days to carry on the tradition of spiritual enrichment. I am excited to help the Bishop to continue offering opportunities for the people of the diocese to grow in faith. What is it that you would like to see offered? Contact me and let me know. I would love to have your input. In short, I need you. The way forward is together. I can be reached at