Fearfully and wonderfully made: “The Biology of the Theology of the Body”

By Ginny Revel
God created us, female and male, to be in a dance together. Through the awesome gift of our bodies, we are able to bond in intimacy after the sacrament of marriage, create children, protect them as they grow, and be changed by them forever, not only emotionally, but also on a cellular level.

In light of Respect for Life Sunday weekend, October was the perfect time to hear these life-affirming messages which are the subject of presentations by Vicki Thorn, a renowned pro-life speaker, educator and a trauma and spiritual counselor. She is also the founder (in 1984) of Project Rachel, a diocesan-based, post-abortion healing and support ministry.

Vicki, who holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, gave a series of talks in Grand Junction on October 14 and 15. Jointly sponsored by Immaculate Heart of Mary parish / Holy Family Catholic School and Colorado Mesa University’s campus ministry, these events were part of the IHM pastoral council’s initiative to bring in spirit-filled adult education speakers.

In her talks, which centered on the topic of “The Biology of the Theology of the Body,” Vicki shared her knowledge about the biochemistry of sex and took an in-depth look at current sexual practices, as seen through the fascinating science of attraction and bonding.

There is a natural “dance of pheromones” (the molecules of affiliation) that goes on between males and females. Our bodies have a biological sense, finely-tuned by the Divine, which when honored, will attract us to the other’s complimentary immune system. It’s up to us from there.

As Vicki observed, “Nature gets us interested (in sex), but we have to make the (proper) choices.” If we follow God’s built-in plan for fertility and reproduction, our remarkable bodies naturally adapt for intimacy, bonding, genetic interconnection, optimal health and protection of family life. Divorce rates drop and children and families flourish.

The bad news for society, however, is that the introduction of “the pill,” coupled with our ongoing genetic engineering, has “tipped our fertility in a way we can never recover,” stated Vicki.

Vicki’s captivating presentations rendered a new clarity to the Catholic Church’s doctrines concerning the intricate creation of the body in God’s image, the sanctity of life, the need to honor the body and its divinely-bestowed sexuality, and the oneness of God with his creation. “We just don’t understand how carefully God made us with purpose,” Vicki said, adding that if we did, we could avoid the wounding and hurt that result from the consequences of our uninformed (sexual) choices.

Fr. Don Malin, pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Grand Junction, summed up the “take-away” from Vicki’s talk by commenting that in “The Biology of the Theology of the Body” we see how God intended for us to join with him in creation. He reveals his plan for us through our amazing bodies, if only we honor his loving design for life.