Catholic Foundation launches new website

By Steve Chargin
The Catholic Foundation’s new website is up and running! Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to have the website professionally designed by a local company. Among other new features, there is updated information about recent Catholic Foundation grants and activities and users can now customize their online giving choices, such as designating a special gift to the Msgr. Delaney Humanitarian Fund. The Catholic Foundation is also pleased to partner with business sponsors who are well known throughout the diocese, and we gratefully recognize their ongoing support by providing links to their respective websites.

A key component of the Catholic Foundation’s mission is to promote charitable giving, and the website will help us do just that because it is an interactive tool that offers an opportunity for one-time gifts as well as legacy gifts from an estate plan. Please visit our website and consider participating in the time honored Catholic tradition of “growing by giving,” which tradition holds true to this very day.