New patronal icon at Christ the King Parish

July 23 Bishop Berg joined the Christ the King parish community in Pueblo to celebrate its 60th anniversary as a parish and bless its new image of Christ the King.

The new image is an icon of Jesus Christ, Ruler of All, written by a Chaldean priest, Father Jon Buffington, from Portland, Oregon. The Eastern Churches refer to writing an icon because the subject matter comes from the Sacred Scriptures, the word of God, and words are written. The icon at Christ the King measures eight feet by twelve, and weighs 850 pounds. It was written over eight months. The idea for the icon arose from two places. Historically, the parish has used no personal image of Christ the King as its symbol. Instead the parish most often used a crown.

A personal image of a parish’s patron calls the community into a deeper relationship with its patron as well as a deeper sense of its own identity. Secondly, the architecture begged for a large image that would become a focal point for the community upon entry into the church, at baptism and when leaving the church. The parish hopes the icon will call people from all over the diocese not only to see a major work of art, but especially to engage in personal, prayerful relationship with Jesus Christ, Ruler of All.