Youth Fest 2018




Where: St. Joseph Parish, 1145 Aspen Rd. Pueblo

When: February 10, 2018
Registration: 6:30pm & Event at 7:00-9:30pm
Cost $10.00 per Teen!
Includes T-Shirt
Snacks & Food!
Payment should be made out to your parish.
Return Registration Form and Payment should be turned in to your Parish no later than January 21st.

Download Registration/Waiver Form here.
Questions? Contact John Chavez at the Catholic Pastoral Center
719-544-9861 ext. 1144 or email at


Where: St. Joseph Parish, 1145 Aspen Rd. Pueblo
When: February 11, 2018
Registration: 12:45pm & Event at 1:15pm
Mass with Bishop Berg at 4 p.m.
Cost $20 per Teen!
Includes T-Shirt, snacks & food!
Payment should be made out to your parish. Return Registration Form and payment to your Parish no later than January 21st.

Download Registration/Waiver Form here.
Questions? Contact John Chavez at the Catholic Pastoral Center
719-544-9861 ext. 1144 or email at


The Catholic Parent Revival
Attention Parents, Grandparents & Guardians: While your youth are attending the Catholic Youth Fest- Come and Join Together for a Catholic Parent Revival!
  • Sunday February 11, 2018
  • 1:15- 4pm. Mass with Bishop Berg at 4pm.
  • St. Joseph Parish Church in Blende.
  • Register online at or at the door for this FREEevent sponsored by Pastoral Ministries Office - Diocese of Pueblo.
The Catholic Parent Revival is crisscrossing the country to support, motivate, and revive the faith of parents, grandparents and guardians through inspiring messages and stories, deep and powerful prayer, and stirring music and song from presenters and performers Noelle Garcia, David McHugh and Michael Theisen.
Join many other parenting adults from our Diocese for an afternoon of CPR and inhale a breath of new life into your vocation as a parent.
Download registration form here.
To register online visit or mail to: CPR: John Chavez, 101 N. Greenwood St. Pueblo, CO  81003. There is no fee to attend
Questions?  Contact John Chavez at either 719-544-9861 ext. 1144 or email at




Resource Library DVD List

To check availability or to check out one of the titles below, please contact Celeste Beacham at (719) 544-9861 ext. 1111 or



A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death                                                                  

A Force More Powerful                                                                                                       

A Lenten Journey with Fr. Michael Himes                                                                    

An Advent and Christmas Journey with Fr. Michael Himes                                   

Awakening Universe                                                                                                             

Become One Body One Spirit in Christ                                                                           

Belonging - The Search for Acceptance                                                                         

Bishop Isern Ordination                                                                                                       

Blood Money - the Business of Abortion                                                                      

Book of Genesis Part 1 and 2                                                                                             

Called to Encuentro and Mission                                                                                      


Catholicism: A Ten Part Documentary Series                                                              

Catholicism: Faith Formation Program//Preview DVD                                            

Come to the Water…the Adult Journey to Baptism                                                 

Come Walk in My Shoes                                                                                                      

Concilio Vaticano II                                                                                                                 

Created and Redeemed                                                                                                      

Creed - What Christians Profess and Why It Ought to Matter                             

Death Penalty - a Catholic Viewpoint with Sr. Helen Prejean                              

Echoes of Faith: Adult Faith Formation                                                                          

Echoes of Faith: Catholic Morality                                                                                    

Echoes of Faith: Getting Started                                                                                     

Echoes of Faith: I Believe We Believe                                                                             

Echoes of Faith: Liturgy and Sacrament                                                                          

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 1 & 2                                                                         

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 3 & 4                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 5 & 6                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Methods Grades 7 & 8                                                                        

Echoes of Faith: Person of the Catechist                                                                       

Echoes of Faith: Prayer and Spirituality                                                                         

Echoes of Faith: Roles of the Catechist                                                                           

Echoes of Faith: The Learner                                                                                             

Echoes of Faith: The Scriptures                                                                                         


Faces of Poverty                                                                                                                     

Faithful Citizenship - A Matter of Conscience                                                             

Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land                                                                                    

Fishers of Men                                                                                                                        

For Greater Glory - The True Story of Cristiada                                                          

Franz Jagerstatter - A Man of Conscience                                                                    

Gospel According to Luke - Little Rock Scripture Study                                           

Gospel According to Mark                                                                                                 

Gospel of John                                                                                                                        

Greatest Miracle                                                                                                                     

Guide to Changes in the Mass                                                                                          

Handing on the Faith - Godparents of Children                                                         


Hijacking Catastrophe - 9/11, Fear and the Selling of American Empire           

Holding Ground - The Rebirth of Dudley Street                                                         

In Her Footsteps                                                                                                                     

Israel's Story - Part 1                                                                                                              

James, Peter and Jude - The Catholic Letters                                                             

Just Faith - a Call to Compassion and Community                                                     

Just Faith: a Journey into Compassion                                                                           

Keeping the Earth                                                                                                                  

Keeping the Fire Alive//Catching Fire, Becoming Flame                                         

Letters from Prison - Little Rock Scripture Study                                                       

Line in the Sand: Stories from the US/Mexico Border                                             

Made for Eachother - Marriage, Sexual Difference and Complementarity    

Made for Life - Marriage and the Gift of Children                                                    

Man Who Planted Trees                                                                                                      

Marriage for a Lifetime                                                                                                        

Mystery of Faith - An Introduction to Catholicism                                                    

Nine Days that Changed the World                                                                                 

Order of Malta - Living Your Faith (Episodes 5 of 8)                                                   

Our Father's Plan                                                                                                                    

Planifique Su Familia Naturalmente                                                                                

Portrait of a Radical: the Jesus Movement                                                                  

Posada - A Night to Cross All Borders                                                                             


Rosary Project - Celebration of Prayer and Song                                                      

Sacrament of Eucharist Past and Present                                                                     

Sacrament of Reconciliation Past and Present                                                           

Save Us from this Genocide with Bishop Gassis                                                        

Secularity and the Gospel - Being Missionaries to Our Own Children               

Shadow of His Wings (Fr. Gereon Goldman)                                                               

Spiritual Journey with Fr. Thomas Keating Pt. 4 DVD 23                                           

Spirituality for the 21st Century                                                                                        

Spirituality of the Gospels                                                                                                   

Stories of Christmas                                                                                                              

Terra Sancta                                                                                                                              


Vision of the Gospels                                                                                                            

What Makes Us Catholic: Getting Together for Good                                             

What Makes Us Catholic: Growing Spiritually for Life                                              

What Makes Us Catholic: Interpreting Christian Faith                                             

What Makes Us Catholic: Living as Graceful People                                                 

What Makes Us Catholic: Loving Beyond Borders                                                     

What Makes Us Catholic: Mining the Treasure of Scripture and Tradition      

What Makes Us Catholic: Risking the Leap of Faith                                                  

What Makes Us Catholic: Taking a Sacramental View                                              

What Makes Us Catholic: Working for Justice for All                                                

Certification Levels

Tracking Forms for Planning, Monitoring and Recording Ongoing Faith Formation

The standard tool for everyone engaging in Ongoing Faith Formation and Catechetical Certification is the diocesan “Tracking Form.” Click on these links to download the following:

Ongoing Faith Formation and Catechetical Certification Tracking Form

Scripture Certification and Ongoing Formation Tracking Form

PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATIONIn order to begin serving as a catechist in the Diocese of Pueblo, parishes are asked to complete the following processes before a volunteer begins teaching.  The policies regarding Criminal Background Check and Protection of Children / “Shield the Vulnerable” apply to all who will have contact with children (under 18 years old) as a part of their volunteer service to the parish or diocese.

- Volunteer Application (Diocese of Pueblo)
- Shield the Vulnerable / Protection of Children Program
- Criminal Background Check
- Parish Interview to be a catechist/volunteer
- Parish Catechetical Program Orientation

LEVEL ONE, “Certified Catechist” is a basic level certification that broadly covers the range of theological and methodological topics, based on overviews of the topics. 

Catechists are encouraged to complete Level 1 certification within three years of beginning as a parish catechist; Each additional level should be completed, if possible, within three years of achieving the previous level.

The competencies for “Level One” outlined in the Tracking Form represents an overview or basic introduction of each topic, conducted by a qualified instructor and approved for certification credit by the diocesan catechetical leader (“Bishop’s Pastoral Associate”). 

Each of the following competencies for “Level One” represents an overview or basic introduction to each topic:


(Complete All)

- Belief in God / Holy Trinity
- Jesus
- Holy Spirit
- Church
- Liturgy and Sacraments
- Morality
- Prayer
- Scripture
- Church History

(Complete 1)
- Evangelization and Discipleship
- Discernment of Vocation / Gifts
- Christian Family Life

(Complete 5; "Engaging in ongoing faith formation" (REQUIRED)
+ 4 electives, one from each category, A, B., C and D)

A. Ministry of Catechesis
- Engaging in ongoing faith formation (REQUIRED)
- Nurturing healthy prayer/spiritual life
- Empowering parents as ‘primary catechists’
B. Lesson Planning and Preparation
- Using a catechist manual / student text
- Value of back-up lesson plans
- Utilizing technology in catechesis
- Making best use of the learning environment
C. Classroom Facilitation and Management
- Appropriate discipline in the classroom
- Facilitating group discussion /communication
D. Teaching Methods and Techniques
- Integrating prayer
- Integrating Scripture
- Integrating art and music
- Integrating storytelling

Specific Programs of General Interest

To apply for diocesan credit, all of the programs listed below must be comprehensively completed in a group setting.

Catholicism series (Fr. Robert Barron / Word on Fire) satisfies most of the requirements for “Level One” Theological Formation, except Morality, Scripture and Prayer. 

“Echoes of Faith Plus” Theology Series and Catechist Set satisfies all of the requirements for “Level One” Theological and Human/Spiritual Formation. Completion of “Echoes of Faith Plus” Methodology Set satisfies all of the requirements for “Level One” Catechetical Methodology.

A Well-Built Faith (Paprocki / Loyola Press) satisfies the requirements for “Level One” Theological Formation, except for Jesus, Holy Spirit, Scripture and Church History.  Completion of The Catechist Toolbox (Paprocki / Loyola Press) satisfies the requirements for “Level One” Catechetical Methodology.    

“Catching Fire, Becoming Flame” DVD / Book Series (Haase / Paraclete Press)  [Click LINK to download correlation]


LEVEL2 / “Advanced Certification” delves deeper into specific categories of theological and methodological formation.  Credits to achieve this level accumulate and are applicable to Level 3. 

Requires the completion of “Level 1” to receive “Level 2” certification, but credits can be completed at any time.

I. THEOLOGICAL FORMATION; Complete 8 units within specific content categories, as follows: 

- 1 unit from the following options …
    - Our Desire and Capacity for God
    - Divine Revelation
    - Creation

- 1 unit from the following …
    - Jesus
    - Holy Spirit

- 1 unit of the following options …
    - Church
    - Blessed Virgin Mary
    - Call to Holiness / Communion of Saints '

    - “Last Four Things” – Death, Particular Judgment, Paousia, and Eternal Life

- Both of these Sacament units are required
    - Baptism and Confirmation
    - Eucharist – Theology and Structure of the Mass

- 1 unit from the following …
    - Sacraments of Healing – Penance and Anointing the Sick
    - Sacraments in the Service of Communion – Matrimony and Holy Orders

- 1 unit from the following …
    - Sin and Conversion
    - Commandments, I –III
    - Commandments, IV – X
    - Catholic Social Doctrine

- 1 unit from the following …
    - Prayer
    - Catholic Spirituality

- Living a Moral Life
- Mystagogy – Experiencing the Mystery

- Building a Culture of Life

III. CATECHETICAL METHODOLOGY; Complete 5 units, at least one from each of the following categories:
A. Ministry of Catechesis
i) The Language of Catechesis
ii) History and Development of Catechetical Ministry / Essential Source Documents
iii) Personal authenticity/discerning a call to ministry
iv) Integrating faith formation with family, parish and community life
v) Role of liturgy in evangelization and catechesis

B. Lesson Planning and Preparation
i) Age and lesson appropriate activity planning
ii) Using PowerPoint / other technology effectively
iii) Setting the physical environment / learning space
iv) Resourcing - Collecting tips, activities and resources

C. Group Facilitation and Management
i) Ethics and boundaries for catechesis
ii) Collaborative learning in catechesis

D. Teaching Methods and Techniques
i) Active learning
ii) Christ-centered formation
iii) Learner-centered teaching
iv) Getting out of the classroom – field trips, service learning and other activities
v) Theological Reflection

E. Learning Styles / Student Diversity
i) Diverse learning styles / multiple intelligences
ii) Cultural diversity in the classroom
iii) Learning disabilities / developmental challenges
iv) Stages in faith development / age appropriateness

LEVEL 3 / “Master Catechist” challenges catechists to explore the depth of all aspects of theological formation.  Completion entails covering all of the individual theological formation sessions in Level 2 that were not completed for Level 2 certification.  Whereas Level 2 required only one unit per “category,” to complete Level 3, all of the sections must be completed.  Master certification is not the same as a “Master’s Degree.”

LEVEL 4 / “Ongoing Formation” is the ‘maintenance’ level for those who want to receive an annual endorsement of the certification they have already achieved.

This level is designed to encourage catechists who are already certified at a Level 3 / Master certification level to maintain their ongoing formation throughout the period in which their certification is active, which is five years.  To receive an annual endorsement of “ongoing formation,” the catechist or lay ecclesial minister should endeavor to complete ...

- 4 units of theological formation annually, or at least one University of Dayton online class;

- 1 unit of spiritual / human formation annually; and

- 2 units of methodological enrichment annually.

Participation in Catechetical Enrichment Days, Emmaus retreats, Spring Study Days and various parish-based opportunities, such as parish missions, would provide a good basis for ongoing formation.  Participating in a guided retreat or day of reflection for spiritual renewal would satisfy the spiritual / human formation unit.

Transferability and duration of applicable credit

Formation credit taken prior to beginning Diocese of Pueblo Catechetical Certification (2013 or thereafter) can be transferred or otherwise applied to certification, if it meets all of the criteria listed in the guidelines above, and if the credit was achieved within three years of beginning to track formation for diocesan credit.  Credits taken through previous diocesan or parish programs, such as Emmaus retreats, Ministry Congress, or Study Days are applicable to the current tracking system, and moving forward, will be advertised and structured to identify how credit may be applied.

Once taken, credits do not expire for five years.  


Scripture Certification and Ongoing Formation Tracking Form is intended for those who wishes to be certified to facilitate a small-group scripture study, or for anyone who simply seeks to monitor their own process of comprehensive study of the Holy Scriptures.  Credit can be taken at any level at any time. However, prior to being eligible for "Advanced" or "Master" certification in Scripture, one must have completed the requirements for the previous level.

"Certified / Level 1" of Scripture Certification requires approved credit of 4 units: 1) Introduction to Scripture - 1 unit in Content, 1 unit in Methodology; 2) Overview of Old Testament (1 unit) and Overview of New Testament (1 unit). Completing the University of Dayton Online Course "Introduction to Scripture" will fulfill Level 1 requirements and may add units towards "Advanced / Level 2."

“Advanced / Level 2” of Scripture Certification requires 6 of the 9 possible units, which are "Overviews" of Scriptural Genres, evenly divided between Old and New Testaments (or 3 units each).

"Master / Level 3" Scripture Certification requires completion of ALL "Advanced" level Overviews not previously taken for Level 2, plus 10 units of specific books, 5 (or more) from Old Testament and 5 (or more) from the New Testament.

Designations of Parish Catechetical Leaders

A “Director of Religious Education” (DRE) has a Master’s Degree in Religious Education, Theology, Sacred Scripture or Pastoral Ministry.

A “Coordinator of Religious Education” (CRE) is a title reserved for all other catechetical leaders, who oversee the faith formation ministry in a parish.  The national standard is to designate a catechetical leader as an “administrator” if he/she does not hold a Bachelor’s Degree, but this has not been the custom in the Diocese of Pueblo.


Southwest Catholic Youth Conference 2016












The 5th Annual conference will again be held at the Farmington Civic Center, on October 1, 2016, and we hope you can join us. Our guest speakers will include Bob Rice and his band, Lisa Cotter, David Henrie, Bishop Wall of the Diocese of Gallup, Bishop Berg of the Diocese of Pueblo, and Fr. Carl Wertin.

The per-person cost is still only $25 and includes lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day. Please start early, gather your youth, and reserve ahead for this life-changing event!

Materials are now available for this year's conferece. Use the links below to get your young people excited and registered!

Cover Letter
Registration Page 1, Page 2
Speaker Bios

If you would like to sponsor this event or register as a vendor, please use the following forms:
Sponsorship Form
Vendor Letter

Ongoing Faith Formation and Catechetical Certification


The goal of the catechist formation process is to assist catechetical leaders and catechists in their ministry of supporting parents as the primary educators of their children so that together the Good News of the Gospel can be faithfully and effectively passed on to everyone.

The goal is that every catechetical leader as well as catechists in the Diocese of Pueblo achieve and maintain certification.

General Guidelines

As of June 2014, a more detailed narrative description of the Pueblo Theological Institute Curriculum is being developed.  Until promulgated, the overview provided here on the Diocese of Pueblo Website will suffice as General Guidelines.



Pueblo Theological Institute.  The pyramid above represents the ascending levels of catechetical formation, starting with the wide base of more foundational, introductory material for a greater number of people, then ascending through an integrated curriculum towards more advanced materials for those who are preparing for more specialized ministerial responsibility.  Beyond achieving the highest levels of formation, all disciples are called to lifelong and ongoing formation, growing spiritually, intellectually, and in moral character and in relationship with others.

Parishes have a wide latitude in choosing the appropriate materials for ongoing formation and catechetical certification, so long as they meet certain basic criteria. 

- From trusted Catholic sources

- Facilitated by a qualified instructor in a public, group setting

- Reflect sound, foundational, and comprehensive content

- Faithful to Catholic tradition and teaching

- Reflect valid and up-to-date research and methodology

- Provide a balance of information and group discussion

- Include prayer and be formational for discipleship

- Minimally one hour in duration per “credit”

 Multiple units are not necessarily awarded for presentations that exceed one hour, unless the presentation is designed to provide a survey of multiple topics that are included in the competencies for certification.  This may be the case for full-day retreats or workshops.  In such cases, each unit awarded for certification credit should focus primarily on the subject for which credit is being offered, and the minimum of one hour should be the general guideline for each unit. 

Tracking Forms

The standard tool for everyone engaging in Ongoing Faith Formation and Catechetical Certification is the diocesan “Tracking Form.”  Click on these links to download the following:

Ongoing Faith Formation and Catechetical Certification Tracking Form

Scripture Certification and Ongoing Formation Tracking Form

These “tracking forms” are intended for anyone who is engaging in an intentional process of ongoing faith formation and certification through the Pueblo Theological Institute.  These tracking forms outline the process by which completed units of credit can be recorded over time.

The requirements for certification are outlined in such a way that the person can determine what their formational needs are and prioritize available formation opportunities to meet those needs.  The tracking forms are specifically designed so that ongoing formation is self-directed, meaning that each person is responsible for monitoring his/her own formation needs and maintaining a broad range of catechetical development, rather than specializing in or over-loading on topics that are of particular personal interest.

University of Dayton Online Courses

Online courses require some exceptions, but should generally reflect group process and mutual support.  The University of Dayton online courses offered in the Diocese of Pueblo exceed these criteria and any one-time catechetical presentation.  These courses are currently the preferred means of formation and certification.  Completion of the University of Dayton Online Certificate Programs are the equivalent of achieving Master Catechist status. 

Click this link for a Correlation of University of Dayton Online Courses to Diocesan Catechetical Certification.

Resources for Ongoing Formation 

No one program or resource is “adopted” by the Diocese of Pueblo as the standard text for ongoing formation and certification, although some are naturally more popular and come more highly recommended.  Diocese of Pueblo sponsored “live” formation opportunities include annual Catechetical Enrichment Days, Spring Study Days and periodic Emmaus Retreats. 

The diocesan catechetical office will endeavor to post how a given formation opportunity correlates to the competencies listed on the tracking forms.  Participants may have to choose how best to apply credit, when a presentation may reasonably correlate to multiple competencies but comprise one unit of credit.

Why Certification?  Building Communion

Certification is strongly advised and participants are encouraged more than they are required to participate.  However, discretion must be exercised by ministry leaders in helping those who serve as catechists to discern the importance of broad-based, ongoing and intentional formation.

As a general rule, not more than 1/3 of the credit applied for diocesan certification should be achieved by formation offered outside of the Diocese of Pueblo.  The same criteria under “General Guidelines” for credit apply to credit achieved outside of the Diocese of Pueblo.

Credit is generally applicable for five years.  Levels of certification achieved are recognized for five years. Credit achieved within three years of beginning to track credit for certification in the Diocese of Pueblo (2013 and thereafter) may be transferred to the current process for certification.

Graduates of programs previously offered by the diocese, namely “Level 2,” “Echoes of Faith,” and “New Wine,” are recognized as currently certified.

Participants are encouraged to continuously challenge themselves in pursuing ongoing faith formation, regardless of the implications for certification.

Participants and catechetical leaders can appeal to the diocesan catechetical office, if they believe that a formation opportunity on a worthy topic that is not specifically defined within the “areas of competency” on the tracking forms may be applied for “elective” diocesan credit.  Good faith must be shown in engaging the topics enumerated on the Tracking Forms.