The Value of Catholic Education

Catholic Schools: A Great Value for God’s Greatest Gift to Your Family

By: Deacon Dan Leetch, Liaison to Catholic Schools

Your child is God’s greatest gift to you as parents.  You are co-creators with God in the birth of your child, as well as your child’s growth into a fully alive adult person.  Your #1 task is ensuring that your child will one day join you in Heaven! The best assist you can have in your responsibility as the primary educator of your child is your local Catholic Elementary School.

Reverend Ronald J. Nuzzi from the University of Notre Dame writes about 10 reasons why Catholic Education still matters.  I would like to focus on some of these reasons:

  • An Incarnational View of the World: In an incarnational view of the world there is no such thing as a ‘secular’ subject.  All learning helps to develop and bring to full bloom the image of God that is in each person.

  • Immersion in the Paschal Mystery: Our lives are a series of small and not so small dyings and risings. We learn through the Paschal Mystery that there is meaning in suffering, and we can join that suffering to Jesus Christ. Wins and losses, A’s and F’s all allow us to be joined closer to Christ.

  • The Value of Relationships as a Reflection of the Divine: Catholic school students learn to experience God’s grace and presence in their lives through their relationships with family, friends, teachers, and clergy.  We celebrate successes together and soften the blow of setbacks and downfalls through mutual support and compassion. We discover that we are made by God for community!

  • A Regular Encounter with Scripture:  Catholic school students regularly explore the Scriptures, both Old and New Testament, as a source of prayer, study, and daily practice.  They discover that the human person is created in God’s image, and come to love Jesus as Brother and Lord.

  • Discipline as a Faith Experience: Catholic schools promote self-discipline through clarity of moral vision that is based on the Gospel.  Students are challenged to be Christ-like in word and action. They are given a theological foundation for ethical behavior.

  • The Fullness of Catholic Identity:  Students of Catholic education have been called “the greatest work of the Church”. They go out into the world to see their career as a VOCATION rather than just a job.  Catholic school students become a leaven in society, helping us to be the best we can be.

  • Personal Excellence as a Spiritual Goal:  It is not all about getting A’s (although our students do excel academically) but rather about helping others to succeed and making a difference in the world around them.

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Our four Catholic Elementary schools help our students to set out on a lifetime as disciples of our Master, Jesus Christ.  They learn to follow the words of our own Msgr. Marvin Kapushion namely, “Do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.”  In the Diocese of Pueblo, a rural diocese spread out over 50,000 square miles, we are fortunate to be gifted with four Catholic schools: Holy Family in Grand Junction, St. Columba in Durango, and St. Therese and St. John Neumann in Pueblo.  All four of these schools strive to instill in the lives of our youth the values so treasured by our Catholic Faith.  

We pray for their continued success, for the dedicated staff and parents who daily provide for their support, and for the nearly one thousand students who attend these schools. Under the guidance of Bishop Berg, clergy, religious and lay leaders, it is our hope that together we can continue preparing the young people who attend these schools to be good citizens with a faith-filled commitment to our Church and society in today’s world.