St. Therese school bids farewell to Monsignor Marvin Kapushion

By Nadine L. Montoya
Principal, St. Therese Catholic School

The students, faculty and parents said their heartfelt farewell to a person who dedicated nearly two decades of his life to St. Therese Catholic School in Pueblo.

Monsignor Marvin Kapushion retired in October from his role as chaplain at St. Therese as well as from his parish in Rye. During that time, he served many roles: principal, school chaplain, school board president and most importantly, the school’s spiritual leader.

Monsignor Kapushion taught us about servant leadership and modeled for us how to treat one another with dignity and respect. Every time he prayed, he acknowledged the sacrifice each parent made in order for their child to attend a Catholic school. As I observed him dealing with any situation, he always responded faithfully with love, kindness and compassion. He would ask the children, “How would Jesus have responded in that particular situation?” He taught us about our obligation to help others and to do great service within the school, the Church and the community. Doing service is something we faithfully fulfill at St. Therese because of his passion and his efforts. Monsignor offered other services within the school such as student lector training, penance services and individual or family counseling. Last, but not least, he donated generously to the school so that the children would have computers, textbooks and school supplies. He never wanted the children to have to do without.

Those of us who serve in this vocation of Catholic education all have a unique story of how we were called to St. Therese. Monsignor Kapushion’s story which many of us have heard time and time again goes like this: “Bishop Arthur Tafoya called me one day and asked me to assume a new responsibility. He said, ‘I have a special favor to ask of you Marvin and I want you to be the Principal at STCS, and BOOM, there I went!’”

However today, as he shared this story, he sadly bowed his head and reflected. He turned to me and said, “I have good memories at the school and it was a positive experience. I always felt welcome and was greeted with open arms. The school has an excellent faculty and I will miss them as well as the students and the parents very much. It was very gratifying.” He concluded his story by saying, “Although Bishop Tafoya thought I was doing him a great big favor, little did he know he had done me a greater favor! The school needed me as much as I needed them.”

Monsignor Kapushion developed life-long kinships with the faculty, parents, students and anyone who walked through our doors. The teachers were reminiscing one day about how Monsignor used to invite the faculty over to his humble dwelling and cook them an elaborate meal. He would always pay us a surprise visit at the school and walked through each classroom just to see, talk and pray with the children. On some days, he even showed up with ice-cream. He never missed a school event and especially loved the awards assemblies, the Advent program and the middle school annual melodrama. He coined many popular phrases and his most popular one was, “Do the ‘right thing’ at the ‘right time’ for the ‘right reason.’” Today, this phrase continues to be used by the teachers in their classrooms, in the lunch room, in the principal’s office and even in the youth Mass given by Father Michael Chrisman, pastor at the Shrine of St. Therese and the school’s new chaplain. Anytime this phrase is used, it brings a smile to our faces and warms our hearts. It will always be a constant reminder of Monsignor Kapushion’s devotion to St. Therese Catholic School, the children and to our mission.

We want to thank Monsignor Kapushion and express our sincere appreciation for his unyielding support of Catholic Education. We truly miss him and will continue to pray for him as we know he is praying for all of us.