Finance Advisory Council

The FAC meets the second Tuesday of the Month at 3 p.m.
It does not meet in July and August.

Finance Advisory Council Members

Mr. Gary Cornella, term expires 06/30/19

Mr. John Chrisman, term expires 06/30/18

Mrs. Rae Ann Blazer, term expires 06/30/16
Mr. Bonifacio Cosyleon, term expires 06/30/16
Mr. Rudy Krasovec, term expires 6/30/17
Dr. Zane Leininger, term expires 6/30/18
Ms. Mary Lee Lobato, term expires 6/30/18
Rev. Msgr. Ed Nunez, term expires 06/30/16
Rev. John Ozella, term expires 6/30/17
Mr. John Pearce, term expires 06/30/17
Mr. William Trevithick, term expires 06/30/16

Ex-Officio Members
Most Rev. Stephen J. Berg
Very Rev. James. E. King, VG