Presbyteral Council

In accord with the norm of law, the purpose of the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Pueblo is to promote the pastoral good of the people of God entrusted to the Bishop by representing the Presbyterium to the Bishop, being like a senate to the Bishop and assisting the Bishop in the governance of the Diocese.

a)  The members of the Presbyteral Council shall be the vicars forane, two elected representatives from among the presbyters at-large and other categories of presbyters as the Bishop deems appropriate for his good counsel
b)  The Vicar General, Judicial Vicar, Vicar for Clergy and Vicar for Administration shall be ex officio members of the Presbyteral Council.
c)  The elected/appointed members of the Presbyteral Council shall number from 7 to 9 members.

The members of the Presbyteral Council shall be elected and appointed as follows:
a)  The presbyters of each deanery shall present to the Bishop when requested a slate of names of two presbyters of the deanery, one of whom the Bishop will select to serve as dean and Presbyteral Council member.
b)  The Clergy Assembly “at large” shall elect two presbyters to the Presbyteral Council.