This history of our Diocese can be measured as a series of steps, one leading to another, and all leading towards the future where we, the family of Christ in southern and western Colorado, are united in vision an din purpose.  In this manner we reflect on our history, not as a static trail of dates and events, but as a dynamic journey of spiritual growth, empowerment and ministry.  From the formative leadership of Bishop Joseph Willging, Pueblo's first bishop, through the changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council, under the guidance of Bishop Charles Buswell, to the organization and goal setting implemented by Bishop Arthur N. Tafoya, our Diocese has evolved to meet the challenges faced by each era, and is prepared to embrace the challenges of the new millennium.


Mission Statement

Catholics of Southern Colorado: missionary disciples of Jesus Christ, evangelizing a diversity of cultures by proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating the Sacraments, and promoting Justice & Charity, in service to the people entrusted to our care.

Vision Statement

By 2021, we will be a self-sufficient and well-informed diocese, rooted in prayer, with a clear understanding of the teachings of the Church, living a Sacramental life, looking to build the future of the Church in Southern Colorado, sharing our ministries and gifts.


The United States acquires the Louisiana territory from France.
Land below the Arkansas River remains Spanish territory.

Mexican Revolution.  Territory of southern Colorado claimed by Mexico.

Mexico and United States battle for territory.  Mexico cedes land to the U.S. 

Permanent settlers from northern New Mexico establish the town of San Luis.

First Catholic Church in Colorado, Our Lady of Guadalupe, established at Conejos.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a copy of my baptismal or confirmation certificate?
You must contact the church that administered the sacrament. If you do not know which church, or the church has been closed, contact the Catholic Pastoral Center, Diocese of Pueblo. (719) 544 – 9861 extension 1161, or submit a Baptism or Confirmation Request form to: Diocese of Pueblo, Archive Request, 101 N. Greenwood Street, Pueblo, Colorado, 81003.