Principal - St. Therese Catholic School

Diocese of Pueblo
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Full Time
Pueblo, Colorado
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The Principal of St. Therese Catholic School serves as the chief executive officer for the school having general and active control over the school’s affairs. The Principal administers (designs, develops, directs, and evaluates) the school’s religious and academic programs and provides leadership in faith development, spiritual growth, and academic excellence. The principal performs all duties as may be necessary to implement and carry out the long-term policies, vision, direction, philosophy, and strategies of the School.

The School Board may recommend specific courses of action for the Principal in carrying out the Principal’s duties as chief executive officer of the School, including implementation of the Board’s school policies, vision, direction, philosophy and strategies, which the Principal shall consider in good faith.

The principal is charged with ensuring that St. Therese Students are prepared for the spiritual challenges as well as the academic demands the 21st century. St. Therese Catholic School intends to form and inform the character of its students. Because of the unique nature of a Catholic school, principals are to be faith-filled, prayerful individuals who are committed to their own spiritual growth as well as that of their faculty and students. They are called upon to define for their school a vision rooted in Gospel values. In a collaborative process, principals will lead the staff, parents, and students to a realization of that vision. The school strives to not only influence what students know and are able to do, but also establish the foundation for the kind of people they will become.


• The principal has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the academic program is of high quality, has a clear scope and sequence, and is consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
• The principal is the instructional leader concerned about the quality of teaching and learning which goes on in the school.
• The principal designs a program of studies emphasizing academic excellence.
• The principal provides for the development and review of a total curriculum which integrates the student’s intellectual, religious, social, emotional, and physical growth in the light of the Gospel.
• The principal ensures cooperation and compliance with state standards and diocesan policies and guidelines.
• The principal works jointly with staff members regarding their professional growth and assists them in developing and accomplishing improvement goals.
• The principal clearly defines expectations for staff performance regarding instructional strategies, classroom management, and communication with the public.
• The principal visits the classrooms regularly to observe the progress of teachers and students.
• The principal hires and supervises the teaching and support staff and provides regular written evaluations to each staff member.
• The principal oversees student recruiting, registration, and the enrollment process.

• The principal manages the finances of the school with appropriate collaboration.
• The principal develops realistic budgets based upon documented program needs, estimated enrollment, personnel, and other fiscal needs.
• The principal maintains fiscal control, maintains documentation for expenditures, and reports accurate fiscal information.
• The principal prepares the annual school budget to be presented to the finance committee for approval and presentation to the Board of Directors.
• The principal oversees the school budget as approved by the Board of Directors and presents monthly reports of expenditures and income to the finance committee or Board of Directors.
• The principal manages or supervises all school facilities effectively.
• The principal oversees the maintenance of the school building and environment and reports any substantive problems to the board of directors.

• The principal provides the faculty with an environment and resources necessary for good teaching.
• The principal develops and communicates to students, staff, and parents the school’s guidelines for student conduct.
• The principal ensures that school rules are uniformly observed and that consequences of misconduct are applied equitably to all students.
• The principal effectively communicates with parents, students, and teachers regarding pupil’s progress.
• The principal conducts an annual review of the parent student handbook in cooperation with the faculty and presents any recommended changes to the Board of Directors.
• The principal serves as the official representative of the school and attends meetings of the Association for Catholic Education (the official parent organization for the school).
• The principal takes the lead role in recruiting a growing student body consistent with the values of the institution.
• The principal performs all other tasks necessary for the good management of the school.

• A Master’s Degree preferred, area of concentration: Education or School Administration.
• 3 to 5 years of administration experience preferred.
• A practicing catholic in good standing; with a preference for some formal theological education.
• A Teaching certificate in Colorado.
• A Principal’s License or eligible to obtain a Principal’s License.
• Ability to read, analyze and interpret statistical data for reports.
• Competence and experience in developing curriculum and strategies for educating students
• Strong knowledge of and working experience with Microsoft Office (Excel and Word), internet and personal computers.
• Comfortable with various forms of electronic communication (e.g. social media, web, etc.). 
• Must have effective communication skills, including the ability to express ideas and thoughts in written form, public speaking, and presentations.
• Excellent interpersonal oral and written communication skills, projecting a professional, sincere, and friendly manner.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective relations; to work and partner with others such as the pastor, staff, and school families.
• Ability to write letters, reports, guidelines, evaluations, business correspondence, policies, and announcements.
• Knowledge of standard accounting principles.
• An ability to work with a Board of Directors; a clear understanding that the Board of Directors makes policy, does not micro-manage. The principal implements policy.
• An awareness of the importance of staff development and implementation of staff development programs.
• A demonstrated ability to relate to staff and students in a professional and meaningful manner.

• Must be able to pass a criminal background investigation
• Work may require occasional travel
• Work requires occasional weekend and/or evening work

CONTRACT TERM: July 1 to June 30.

SALARY: Salary commensurate with experience.

• Pre-K through 12 instructional faculty and support staff
• Substitute teachers

Employment in and by the Church is substantially different from secular employment. Church employees must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with and supportive of the mission of the Church. Their public behavior must not violate the faith, morals or laws of the Church or the Diocese of Pueblo such that it could embarrass the Church or give rise to scandal. It is expected that all employees respect Roman Catholic doctrine and religious practices. The Diocese of Pueblo expects that all employees respect Roman Catholic doctrine and religious practices. In some cases, reasonable accommodations for the religious practices of employees who are not Roman Catholic may be provided, but some positions will require that the incumbent be an active Roman Catholic in good standing with the Church.