Youth Coordinator

St. Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church
Employment Type
Full Time
Posted Date

Identifying Information

Status:  Salaried

Reports to:  Pastor

I.  Primary Functions of this Position

The Youth Coordinator provides primary leadership for the design and implementation of parish ministry to its youth.

II.  Position Contents

  • Develop and administers programs for youth.  To include Junior and Senior High programs and oversee the elementary catechesis.
  • Gather data on the needs, interests, attitudes and beliefs of junior and senior high youth and young adults.
  • Oversees a process for the organization and implementation of programs/experiences based on seven components of youth ministry--creating community, understanding, catechesis, communications, empowerment, spirituality, service--which meet the needs/interests of the youth/young adults.
  • Maintains effective means for publicizing and promoting programs/experiences among youth/young adults in the Parishes.
  • Facilitates the development of healthy relationships between adults and youth, the young person and one’s inner self and the young person and God.
  • Initiates procedures for evaluating all aspects of parish ministry to youth and young adults.
  • Establishes and maintains budget approved by the Finance Council and Pastor.
  • Maintains necessary office and program records.
  • Submit quarterly reports to the pastor and the amazing parish team.
  • Recruits and trains Youth Leaders and elementary teachers.
  • Directs recruitments, training, coordination, evaluation, and spiritual development of volunteers (peer/adult leaders).  Assists in coordinating participation in diocesan sponsored training events.
  • Defines the responsibilities of each peer/adult leader.  Serves as an advisor and support to peer/adult leaders.
  • Publicizes and offers education programs and support systems for peer/adult leaders.
  • Monitors the efforts of peer/adult leaders on an on-going basis.
  • Makes special efforts to gain the endorsement, support, and involvement of all adults, especially parents and parish organizations.
  • Serves as a liaison between the parish youth and young adult ministry, the parishes, the diocese, and the communities.
  • Keep the parishes faith community informed of the youth and young adult ministry, i.e., programs activities and experiences.
  • Communicates and coordinates with other parishes in the Spanish Peaks Catholic Community and outside and diocesan organizations.
  • Participates in parishes councils to ensure greater participation of youth and young adults in Spanish Peaks Catholic Community life.
  • Keeps informed of developments directed toward improving youth and young adult attendance at diocesan, regional and national conferences and through participation in the regional network of youth ministers, also, through regular reading and updating of current books and professional journals.
  • Networks with community agencies and resources which interface and serve the needs of youth and young adults.

III.  Position Specifications/Requirements

  • Must be a practicing Catholic, in good standing with the Church.
  • Must have appropriate self-knowledge and ability to share the Catholic faith with young people.
  • Must have paraprofessional helping/counseling skills, one to one listening skills, crisis intervention and referral skills.
  • Must have group processing and facilitation skills.
  • Must have organizational skills: time management, delegation, long-range planning, financial management and budgeting.
  • Must have volunteer management skills:  recruiting, training, and supporting.
  • Must have ability to relate with empathy and build trust with teenagers in a group or a one-to-one basis.
  • Must have ability to design, implement, lead and coordinate a wide variety of youth orientated programs addressing all seven components articulated in “A Vision of Youth Ministry,” including, but not limited to youth retreats, community-building activities, planning liturgy and leading prayer services.
  • Must have ability to work collaboratively with staff, parish council, parents, and youth.
  • Must have ability to work with variety of ages, personalities, and backgrounds.
  • Must have ability to function without direct supervision; self-motivated.
  • Knowledge of adolescent spirituality and personal development, youth culture and sociology.
  • Must have the ability to develop and integrate a high school/junior high religious education program. 

Iv.  Education, training and/or experience preferred

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral/Youth Ministry, Education, Theology, Psychology, Religious Education, Social Work, or the equivalent.
  • Previous experience working with youth.
  • Training in current Catholic Theology, Christology, and Ecclesiology.
  • Training in the principles, practices, and theory of total youth ministry with specialization in areas of sexuality, values clarification, and decision-making.
  • Experience in teaching.
  • Training in Counseling and Referrals.
  • Training through a Diocesan Youth Ministry Certification program.

V.  Working environment

This position requires frequent evening, weekend, and overnight programs.