"empty" Empty Bowls, annual fundraiser Grand Valley Catholic Outreach

Monday, September 7 at 12:01 AM to Saturday, October 10 at 12:00 PM

It is that time of the year when we begin looking forward to EMPTY BOWLS.  But in this time of the coronavirus we are faced with several challenges. 

  •  How can we keep our guests in the lines 6 feet apart?  We cannot!
  •  How can we space our tables 6 feet apart and still accommodate our many guests?  We cannot!
  •  How can our donors of soup, cookies, cider and candy continue their generosity when they have been closed for several months?   They obviously cannot.

 Thus, we are envisioning Empty Bowls for 2020 as “empty Empty Bowls” 

This year’s “empty Empty Bowls” ticket:

Will not give the ticket holder a potter’s bowl.

Will not fill a bowl with soup for the ticket holder.

Will not provide a room full of dessert.

Will not require you to stand in line (as people do daily in order to eat).


This year’s “empty” Empty Bowls” ticket:

 Will ensure that your neighbor will not go hungry.

 Will help provide a complete daily noonday meal at the Soup Kitchen.

Will remind the ticket holder that every day there are many who go hungry in our valley.


How does this revisioning affect our community?  We are grateful to Grand Valley and areas beyond for 24 years of support for Empty Bowls.  We know many were looking forward to coming to Empty Bowls 25. So “empty" Empty Bowls” will make it a year to remember. 

Tickets will remain at $25.00 and will remind the ticket holder: “when I was hungry you gave me something to eat.”

Tickets will be available from Labor Day up to and including Oct 10 at various churches and at Catholic Outreach (970241-3658) 

We look forward to your support of the Soup Kitchen through “empty Empty Bowls”. It has never closed during this season of the coronavirus.  Your support makes this possible.