What is the Good News?

We often hear about "The Good News of Jesus Christ," but what is the Good News and why does it matter to you? This interactive, one hour talk by Dr. Seth Wright of the Diocese of Pueblo Office of Missionary Discipleship will address these questions. Come away refreshed in your Faith, more appreciative of Jesus and the gift He gives us, and ready to enter more fully into the freedom that He offers.

Additional dates and locations: 

Feb. 2 – St. Frances of Rome/St. Mary, Holly and Bristol – 9:00 am

Feb. 2 – Our Lady of the Annunciation, Springfield – 11:30 am

Feb. 9 – St. Peter, Rocky Ford – 6:00 pm

Feb. 16 – St. Peter, Ordway – 6:00 pm

Feb. 23 – Holy Trinity, Trinidad – 12:00 pm

March 8 – St. Joseph, Pueblo – 1:00 pm

March 15 – Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Pueblo – 10:00 am