Federal Prison

ADX – Federal Supermax (4)

ADX is short for The United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum.  The ADX is one of four federal prisons in Florence, Colorado.  Florence donated the land for the prisons to the US government in 1990.  ADX was constructed in 1994 for $60 million. ADX employs a staff of 347 people, contains beds for 490 inmates and currently houses 404 inmates, which is less than one-third of 1% of federal inmate population.

Cells range from 77 to 87 square feet in size.  Each cell contains a bed, shower, sink, toilet, metal mirror, and TV/radio. The control unit holds the most dangerous and disruptive inmates.  All outgoing and incoming mail as well as telephone calls are monitored. Immediate family members, attorneys and boy or girlfriends may visit.  Educational and recreational programs are played on inmates' televisions

ADX has had no escapes or serious attempts to escape. Only five percent of ADX inmates enter directly from their sentencing.  Ninety-five percent of ADX's inmates are transferred there from another prison.