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Office of Finance
Creatively seeking, gratefully receiving, and prudently managing funds and resources across Parish boundaries for the sake of the Mission of the Diocese of Pueblo.

How Can the Diocesan Office of Finance Assist You?

The Office of Finance plans and coordinates the ongoing financial activities necessary to the operation and management of the Diocese of Pueblo and its parishes and missions. In addition to the day-to-day accounting needs of the Catholic Pastoral Center and management of the Diocese of Pueblo's investments and funds, the Diocesan Office of Finance reviews parish financial activity, to ensure liability protection of pastors and staff, providing audits as needed. We provide training on financial systems and assistance in general accounting.

If necessary, the Diocesan Office of Finance provides professional parish bookkeeping services at a highly discounted rate. We maintain the system-wide ParishSOFT Ledger and donor contribution system. This Diocesan Office of Finance reviews all capital projects, real estate transactions, and major insurance claims and provides legal and accounting support in these matters. The Diocesan Office of Finance manages the financial concerns of the 403b program, the health and life insurance programs, the property and casualty insurance program, and the workman’s compensation used throughout the Diocese of Pueblo. 


Chief Financial Officer

Finance Office Supervisor and Parish Liaison