Welcome Message from Bishop Isern

isern250Dear Friends in Christ,

Welcome to the Vocations Awareness website for the Diocese of Pueblo!

God calls every human being to his service, to ministry. Each of us, richly endowed with God’s gifts, and uniquely endowed from all eternity, has a particular and absolutely unique call from God to use our gifts for his service and the benefit of his people.

The Sacred Scriptures teach us that we humans respond to this call in varied ways. The Prophet Jeremiah protested, “I am too young!” Moses protested, “But I cannot speak well!” Paul, knocked to the ground, spent days blind and groping until be understood what God was asking. The Prophet Jonah ran away in the opposite direction of God’s call until the whale got him back on track. Even Jesus pleaded, “Let this cup pass from me,” before he consented absolutely, “Thy will be done!”

We learn from these stories that when God calls, he provides his beloved daughters and sons every gift and blessing they need to respond well and heartily to the call. There are bumps in the road to be sure. Nonetheless, our yes to God’s call leads always to a resounding yes from God that, in the very depths of our being, offers us freedom, extends us security and, ultimately, fulfills all our needs.

We offer what you find here on this website to help you reflect on and discern your absolutely unique, God given call to his service, to ministry.

My prayer for you as you read ahead is that you will enter into reflection and discernment like the young Prophet Samuel, who, when God called him during the night, responded, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening!” My prayer, too, is that the end result of your reflection and discernment will mirror the enthusiasm and joy of the young Prophet Isaiah: “Here I am! Send me!”

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Most Reverend Fernando Isern, D.D.
Bishop of Pueblo