Spiritual Message of Good-Touch/Bad-Touch®


“Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® offers protection of the physical body; and most importantly, it offers protection of and sometimes healing of the spirit of the child.  This program works extremely well in the religious setting.  Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® contains a spiritual message, educating children of their standing as an individual and how precious and special they are in the world.  In a religious environment, we can focus on the children as precious children of God and on the belief that any violation of their body, mind or spirit is against the laws of God. Children also learn to distinguish between the loving, caring touches that we all need from the people in our lives and the touches that can cause harm to both body and spirit.” -Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo

~ Children need skills to understand and respond when personal boundaries are crossed~


  • Approximately 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually assaulted before the age of 18.

  • 27% of victims are 0-5 years old; 35% are 6-11 years old; 38% are 12-17 years old.

  • Sexual abuse occurs regardless of geographic area, race, religion or socio-economic class.

  • In 90% of cases of sexual abuse, the offenders are known to the child.

  • Children are 3 times more likely to be groomed/tricked into abuse than to be molested by a stranger.

  • Offenders who abuse children usually have many, many victims.

  • Children are sexually abusing other children at an alarming rate.

  • The social and emotional effects of this problem are devastating, and can include mental illness, violence and delinquent behavior, learning problems, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and other social problems.


Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® is a body safety education curriculum for Pre-K through 8th grade children that provide abuse and violence prevention education with a gentle and nurturing approach.  Good-Touch/Bad-Touch® is based on the principle that ALL children are special and unique, and matter in this world.  All children deserve to know how they can help themselves stay safe!    This program was developed in 1983 (currently 11th edition) and is researched as effective by the University of Georgia. 

Colorado trainings provided by Certified Prevention Trainers:

Ida Rhodes: Coordinator for the Family Education and Empowerment Program of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo.  Ken Rhodes: Corporal, Pueblo Police Department. 

For More Information contact:
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Pueblo, Inc. at
719-586-8609 email: irhodes@pueblocharities.org