Getting Married in the Church


The Church joyfully anticipates the opportunity to celebrate with you this life-changing Sacrament that, as St. Paul tells us, is the image of Christ's love for His Church!

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Getting Started

Your first step is to contact your local parish priest or deacon at least 6 to 8 months before the wedding to work out a plan to prepare for your marriage in the Church. Your parish priest or deacon will know which resources are available to you and will recommend the best possible marriage preparation given your particular circumstances.  Once you have spoken with your Priest or Deacon, you can use the links below to register for a program. 

If you are working with a priest or deacon from outside the Diocese of Pueblo, he can email or call the Office of Marriage and Family Life at (719) 544-9861 for information and guidance.


Programs for Marriage Preparation

Speak with your Priest or Deacon first about which program is right for you and then use the links provided below to register. 

Parish-Based Mentor Couple Programs - A married couple, ideally from your parish, will meet with you a number of times to provide one-on-one companionship through the marriage preparation process.  When available, Parish-Based Mentor Couple Programs often provide the best context for couples preparing for marriage.  Contact your parish for more information and to register.

Already married and want to be a mentor couple for engaged couples?  Speak with your pastor, and then give Office of Marriage and Family Life at (719) 544-9861 to discuss options.  

Catholic Engaged Encounter - CEE offers an in-depth, private, personal marriage preparation experience within the context of Catholic faith and values. Led by a team of trained married couples and a priest, engaged couples escape for a weekend to privately discuss many aspects of marriage, always from the viewpoint of your own relationship. (Dates and Online Registration Here)

Online Preparation - For those who are separated by distance or are otherwise unable to take advantage of an in-person marriage preparation program