Awaken Stories

I remember it some, but becoming a father myself has changed my perspective on these kind of childhood accidents.
The dictionary defines happy as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. I want to clarify this because of that word “feeling” in the middle of the definition. Often, that is where I get stuck.
With God’s help during these past months, we have been responding to the coronavirus crisis step-by-step in the best ways possible.
When my heart is troubled, I tell myself, “It’s OK, God can do anything he wants!” As I watch the events of the world unfold around me and I look at the number of folks hurting and suffering, I find myself repeating that line often.
As the Diocese of Pueblo becomes the Diocese of the Little Way, I have taken a special interest in St. Thérèse of Lisieux, and I want to share a truly wonderful and joyful occurrence I was blessed with shortly after praying the “My Novena Rose Prayer.”
I have been blessed with so many great examples of priests, and I believe that God is calling me to explore becoming a priest.
“Vocation” means “call,” but in order to answer the call, the one who is responding to the call must first be able to hear the call.
A vocation is, in the simplest of terms, a calling. A vocation is more than a job or a career.
My faith was nourished early on by attending the Shrine of St. Therese Catholic School and by our family nanny, who taught me to pray.
We see our deacons up on the altar, but permanent deacons, like Deacon Robert Sanchez, perform a much more extensive ministry unique to God’s plan for each of them as disciples of Jesus.