Awaken Stories

Everything in today’s culture leans to extremes.
As Bishop Berg began the humbling and courageous process momentum began building, resulting in the first fruits of a Strategic Plan and Stella Maris Catholic Pastoral Center re-organization.
In late October 2015, my friend was standing on his couch when he received the gift of faith.
We all know that it can be really difficult to live out the Catholic faith in today’s world!
In martial arts, the “gentle way” of using your opponent’s force against him is known as Judo.
On Feb. 19, 2019, the Colorado Attorney General, the three Colorado Dioceses and Robert Troyer entered into an agreement giving Mr. Troyer full access to all the dioceses’ files concerning the sexual abuse of minors by diocesan priests.
Here’s how one Pueblo woman has given her yes and lives out her love for God and the Church in her day to day life.
Sharing his prayerful insights and reflection on Psalm 21, Bishop Stephen J. Berg, illustrates the true role of the shepherd.
More than we realize, the Lord is opening up opportunity after opportunity for us to enter into friendship not just with others, but with Him. 
Becoming The Diocese of The Little Way by building Amazing Parishes and Forming Intentional Disciples will require rooting our lives in prayer, depending upon God and learning how to discern the way forward, step-by-step.